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Hurray! It is summer time in Austin and we are filming some "Awesome Adventures".
JCI-First Coast and AustinTX.TV have joined together to film special programs for the
most Amazing Fun of the coolest and hot spots to spend a day adventure with the family around the Austin area.


Starring: Avery Rose and Brett Lewis (Photos by Jamie Gandy.com)

Our first program was filmed East of Austin at Manor Texas. We met the animals at Crowe's Nest Farm, had a picnic at East Metropolitan Park and ended the evening at the old Ghost Town. This program will begin airing in June 2014. Last summer our Day Trip Special was filmed in Cedar Creek and Bastrop where you we discover the most HIP ZOO and
a Dinosaur Park near one of the oldest cities in Texas. We traveled down Lost Pines where the Texas Governor's Mansion received it's lumber.
This summer we will travel south to the cold springs of San Marcos, West to the Granite Mountains where the Capitol received it's beautiful granite. Then we will go North to Georgetown and visit the Amazing Caverns. Come Join the Fun and Adventures.

To find out more information and how you can get involved CLICK HERE


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Austin History, Shortcuts & Reviews
Reruns shown on Channel Austin 10 & 16

Clips from Program One  ~   Clips from Program Seven

Short clip on some of our Restaurant Reviews

CLICK HERE to Learn more about Ethan's Story
Song Gladiator by Lauren Silva and Brave Little Soldier by Dolly Parton

The Gandy family started filming the Summer Series of "AUSTIN HISTORY, SHORTCUTS & REVIEWS" in 2012. We had an awesome season by filming a tour of the Austin History Center with director Michael Miller, interviewed Bernadette Phifer director of the George Washington Carver Museum, filmed the new Tejano monument at the Capitol with history, climbed Mount Bonnell to film an awesome Texas Sunset and shared the recorded legend of Antoinette. Filmed Gary Perez sharing Native American history on the four fountains of Texas during the "Save Our Springs" 20th Anniversary celebration. We shared history of battles fought in Austin, growth of several areas, and ended the season with a great tour of the historic Neill-Cochran home museum with Cecille Marcato and the current renovation project. We also reviewed 13 restaurants with some inspirational history of how they have reached out to our community. We continued the series during the Fall/Winter season.

Click on the links below and to the left for our videos and previous television programs. If you would like to be filmed or become a sponsor of our program call Mauri Gandy at 512-529-4507

  JCI LIVE AUSTIN - A weekly series airs on Thursday evenings from 8 - 9 PM. This summer we began our ninth season
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  Program 1 ~ July 3rd, 2012

Austin airports and first shopping malls. Mauri interviews her mother Leah Davenport during her 90th birthday celebration. Leah shares stories about shopping in Austin when she first came to Austin after WWII. Leah and her daughters share laughter as they retell stories of their father.

  Program 2 ~ July 10th 2012

The new statue at the Texas State Capitol honoring the Tejano history
President Lamar discovers Waterlou and wants to make it the Capitol of Texas.   The historic oak tree at Republic Park, Mirabeau B. Lamar, Stephen F. Austin, Edwin Waller and more Austin history.

  Program 3 ~ July 17th 2012

Interview with Pastor after Bastrop Fire; History of Ollie Norwood and the skyscrapers in Austin.

  Program 4 and 5 - July 24th and August 7th 2012

Tour of the Austin History Library with Director Michael C. Miller, CA

  Program 6 ~ August 14th 2012

Tour of the George Washington Carver Museum with Bernadette Phifer and the Juneteenth Celebration History

  Program 7 ~ August 21st 2012

Austin Tourist Hot Spots and Hot Sauce Festival. Watch an awesome sunset from the highest peak overlooking Lake Austin and hear the recorded Legend of Antoinette. Find out why Barton Springs is often called Austin's Soul, and learn the history of the dams and Lady Bird Lake.
Reviews: The Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival is Austin's hottest August festival.

  Program 8 ~ August 28th 2012

History of Gideon White and Seiders Springs
Gary Perez speaks about the Native Americans and the Four Fountain Springs during the 20th Anniversary celebration of "Save Our Springs"

  Program 9 ~ September 4th 2012

Tour the O Henry Museum with Michael Hoinski
Restaurant Review - Buffet King at Capital Plaza.

  Program 10 ~ September 11th 2012

Green Mesquite Barbecue History - Interview with Joe Reese
History of Home of the Holy Infancy, Austin & Chicon Pregnancy Resource Centers
Movie Review - October Baby
Restaurant Review - Verona Italiano Restaurant

  Program 11 ~ September 18th 2012

Barbecue History & Reviews
History of Bert's Barbeque - Interview with Joyce Johnson Wilbanks
Restaurant Review - Arpeggio Mediterranean Grill
Currently being filmed.

  Program 12 ~ September 25th 2012

Austin History & Review of Cinammon Bakery
1913 - The pastor that ran the prostitutes out of downtown Austin.

  Program 13 ~ October 2nd 2012

Austin History & Review of Taj Palace Indian Restaurant
History of Capital Plaza and Joe Crow; How to Make Rice Cakes by Chef at Buffet King and Quiznos at Lincoln Village

  Program 14 ~ October 9th 2012

Austin History & Review
Interview with R. Harry Akin and Mary Rodriguez of Frisco Night Hawk Restaurant on desegregation and Review of Top Notch Hamburgers.

  Program 15 ~ October 16th 2012

Austin History & Review
Old West Austin history Shortcuts from Lincoln Village to Airport & Review of Frisco's Nighthawk.

The "Austin History, Shortcuts & Reviews" Fall/Winter 2012 series renewed for a 2nd season.
If you have a story or would like for JCI Productions to review your restaurant
Email: Mauri@jciworldcorp.com

  Fall Program 1 ~ November 6, 2012

Austin History & Review
Chef Loic shows us how to make a French Raspberry Cheesecake.
"Youth On the Move For Christ" perform at Mueller Lake Park: & Lauren Silva sings Amazing Grace in the main studio at Channel Austin.


Program 2 ~ November 13, 2012

Austin History & Review
Interview with Mike Haggerty of Thunder Cloud Subs; Tour of Neill-Cochran Museum with Cecille Marcato & Review of Rudy's BBQ with GM Robby Nethercut of Hwy 360 location.

  Fall Program 3 ~ November 20, 2012

Austin History & Review
History of Boggy Creek Farm. Review of Dogtober Fest.

  Fall Program 4 ~ November 27, 2012

Austin History Shortcuts & Reviews: Neill-Cochran Museum Tour with Cecille Marcato. Behind the look of the remodeling of Austin's historic home that was built by Abner Cook.

  Fall Program 5 ~ November 2012

Special Program on History of Central Christian Church.

  Program 6 ~ December 4, 2012

Austin History & Review
Interview and tour at Christmas at the Caswell House; and Christmas at the history Texas State Capitol

  Program 7 ~ December11, 2012

Austin History & Review
Interview with song writer/singer Kara Nichole Caldwell on her new CD release

 December 17th & 25th Chuy's Parade filmed on December 1st 2012

  Program 9 / (26) ~ January 1st & 8th, 2013

Austin History & Review
Happy New Year's Special ~ Our favorite videos from our 2012 programs

 January 15th Christmas 2012 La Posada at St. Mary's Cathedral; Chief Loic makes a Yule Log Cake; and "HisStory" Play at Mission Possible on 12th & Chicon.

 January 22nd Program 27 Craig & Mauri Gandy share pro-life and heaven testimonies.
Father Frank Pavone keynote speaker at Austin Alliance For Life Benefit Dinner.

  February 5th Program 28 Baking with Chef Loic:
King's Cake; The Longhorn Sandwich and Chocolate Cooking Tips for Valentine's Day
The history of the Moon Light Towers and the Austin serial killer Part 1

  February 12th Program 29 Baking with Chef Loic: Chocolate Cooking Tips for Valentine's Day
Testimony of Rubena Burditt and The history of the Moon Light Towers and the Austin serial killer Part 2

  February 19th Program 30 The History of the Early Days of Austin Texas and conclusion of the Serial Killer

  February 26th Program 31 - Austin Black History Display Tour with Cynthia Evans of The Austin History Center.

The Gandy family of JCI-Productions Thanks the Austin Businesses, Churches, Non-Profits, Historians & Channel Austin for helping us to produce 32 programs during two seasons of "Austin History, Shortcuts & Reviews."

If you would like to tell your story or share a special Austin History program you can contact JCI-Productions.com at 512-529-4507
AustinTx.TV; JCIworld.TV or email Mauri@jciworldcorp.com

JCI Productions started producing television programs during the Summer of 2009. We have produced over 400 television programs.

  JCI LIVE AUSTIN - A weekly series airs on Thursday evenings from 8 - 9 PM. This summer we began our ninth season
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  JCI-First Coast.com - Promoting Events in Austin and Travel & Tourism Programs

  JCI-World.com - Commentaries by J. Craig Gandy

  JCI-Ministries.org - Specializing in unity of the church body, Pro-Life and Ministries.

  Austin Texas Praise & Poetry - Filming Musicians and Poets.

  Rainbow Castle.org - Special programs for children

  National Day of Prayer Austin - Our Spring Series Program that had 19 programs and aired over 100 times in 4 months.

  Austin History, Shortcuts & Reviews - Our newest weekly program that shares Austin history, great shortcuts, hidden treasures around Austin and behind the scene reviews of music, movies, restaurants and special events.

More Austin History Stories that we would like to share:

  Evidence of prehistoric habitation at the "Balconies Escarpment"

 Anglo-American Colonization

  History of the movie theaters in Austin and why Austin became known as the Music Capital of the World.

  Mayor Alexander Penn Wooldridge and how he impacted the growth of Austin and UT.

  Emma Long, the first woman on the Austin City Counsel and how she changed Austin.

  A city of Government & Education. What brought the businesses to Austin that made it a national booming city in the 1980s.

  A future look at the new skyscrapers that will change Austin's skyline over the next two years.

If you would like to share an Austin History story please email Mauri@jciworldcorp.com

CLICK HERE for our Archives of Austin History information.    1873 Map of Downtown Austin and an Old 1943 Austin Map

City Data.com/city/Austin-Texas


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