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2012 Summer Series - Program 9

Tour of O Henry Museum with Michael Hoinski.

Restaurant Review - Buffet King

Video above is the Review with commentaries ~ Below video is the original video

Buffet King Sushi & Mongolian at Capital Plaza.

The Gandy family reviewed Buffet King giving them 8 thumbs up!

We checked this restaurant out after our grandson Sammy told me it was his favorite place to eat! After eating here I see why. They serve a variety of choices from classic Chinese food to kids favorites such as pizza and enchiladas, fish and fries. The fruits and vegetables were very fresh and the food on the buffet was delicious with a large variety to choose from. The Mongolian Bar is designed by you and cooked while you watch the grand chef at his work.

The staff was friendly and Max the manager was extremely helpful in giving us the details of the restaurant that he has managed since it opened in March 2011. He is excited and proud of the quality and freshness of the food offered in his restaurant, which are two important qualities found in every good restaurant. Max is proud of his staff and cooks and their desire to that serve their customers.

Ask Max about his 5-month-old son, and his face lights up because he loves the joys of being a father! Our family respects a family man such as Max who is especially proud to serve in a restaurant that loves children and is family friendly. When you step inside this restaurant you will find it full of happy families.

The seating is spacious and the decorations are beautiful. The first thing Jamie and I noticed was the gorgeous chandelier hanging in the center of the buffet tables.

Buffet King's goal is to have fresh food all day long so they give a special discount during the less busy afternoon hours. Check out their online coupons specials 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM for their Midday Special and 3:31 PM until 5:30 PM for their Happy Hour Special.

For more information go to their website Buffet King Austin.com

Take advantage of teaching your children a little Chinese history when you go to Buffet King. Interesting food facts:
A typical Chinese meal is usually composed of several “main dishes” instead of one main dish. That is why you find many Chinese Restaurants that serve buffet style. It is customary in China for all dishes to be set on the table at once and everybody helps him/herself to the selection. There is typically a couple of meat dishes, chicken, beef or pork, a vegetable, fish or seafood, and a soup.

White rice is always at the core of the meal, and is the base for all the individual dishes being served.

Desserts are not common; a meal normally finishes with fresh fruit and in some special occasions with some other sweet like almond custard. Fortune Cookies are not really Chinese, they are an American invention, and you will not find them in China. Be sure and pick up some chopsticks and have your family learn how to use them. CLICK HERE for instructions that show you how.
Reference: www.china-family-adventure.com/chinese-food.html. For more information on China visit: www.china-family-adventure.com

Fun Facts:
As you enter the doors of Buffet King you will find two lion sculptures.
"In China, the lion is regarded as the king of the forests and of the other animals. It has thus long been used as a symbol of power and grandeur. It is even believed to offer protection from evil spinits. That's why imposing statues of lions were placed at the gates of imperial palaces, official residences, temples and tombs." Some places will have a male lion on the left side with the right paw on a ball. This is said to be a symbol of unity of the Chinese empire. The female lion on the right side with a baby cub under her right paw. This is a symbol of offspring. Another explanation is that the male is guarding the structure and the female protects those dwelling inside the building.

Can you find if the statues in front of Buffet King have the ball and baby cub under their paws?

Buffet King often plays Chinese music while you dine inside their beautiful restaurant. Chinese history reaches back tens of thousands of years. Chinese musicians use string, woodwind, reed and percussion instruments, often composed of natural materials, to create a rich soundscape.
To learn more about Chinese Music Instruments CLICK HERE
arts.culture-china.com and http://lionkingdom.nl/

Listen to chinese music

CLICK HEREto take a video tour of China.

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