Chef Loic Duchesne of Cinnamon's Bakery at Lincoln Village in Austin Texas.
A charming custom in France is to make a Yule Log Cake for Christmas Day.
It is also called "Buche de Noel".

Easy Step-by-Step Directions

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(One of the main differences in this recipe is that
most Yule Log cakes are baked in a small long pan
and the rolled to create the log. Chef Loic makes a
pastry for the bottom and pipes the pastry around
the sides and inside the pastry bottom.)

Step One
Make Pastry Roll
Pipe Biscuit Rouli on to pastry roll
Bake about 45 minutes.

Step Two:
Mix Cream filling in to bowl

Step Three
Beat egg whites and add sugar
Gently fold egg whites in to cream mixture

Step Four
Add cream mixture to top of cake roll

Step Five
Add raspberries and layer on top of cream mixture

Step Six
Add more cream mixture on top of raspberries
Pipe top layer

Step Seven
Brown top with heat torch

Step Eight:
Add Christmas Tree Cookies, Egg White Mushrooms, chocolate garnishes

Cinnamons  /  Lincoln Village


Buche de Noel

Recipe by Chef Loic
1) Start with a layer of puff pastry 4' x 11"
Pate a choux
Bring 125 gr milk
125 gr water
5 gr salt
5 gr sugar
113 gr. butter
138 gr. flour
5 eggs

Bring above ingrediants to a boil
Incorporate the flour off the fire then back on the fire for a minute
Put the buter in a bowl mixer on medium speed with paddle.
Add the eggs one at a time.
Voila Pastry cream for cream legere:
250 gr milk
75 gr sugar
5 gr egg yolk
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 gr. corn starch

Bring milk to a boil
Mix remaining ingredients and pour milk over the mixture.
Whisk it fast and place back on the fire
Cook for 1:30 minutes

Creme Legere

150 gr. cream patisiere
2 gr. gelatin (preferably a sheet of gelatine that you soften in cold water).
5 egg whites in mixer at high speed
100 gr. sugar is incorporated slowly as the egg white gets to medium peak.

Incorporate the egg white to the hot pastry cream with the gelatin melted.

Bake for 45 minutes at 325 degrees

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