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7 Memorial Services For J. Craig Gandy

  FAMILY Memorial - July 10th, Thursday 8 PM - Family Memorial on Television with Mauri, Jonathan, Jamie Gandy and Jennifer Burnell.

  MEDIA Memorial - July 17th, Thursday 8 PM -
on Channel Austin 11
Producers, Staff and Friends at Channel Austin gathered together to tell their favorite stories of their relationship with J. Craig Gandy. Musicians Dawn Maracle and Angel Isaacs sang. You can watch on Austin Cable Providers Time Warner, Grande on Channel 11 and AT&T U-Verse on Channel 99 and select Austin Access Channel 11. Also you can watch streamed around the world at

   BUSINESS Memorial - July 18th, Friday 10 AM - Texas State Capitol Memorial Service. - Friends and family gathered together on the South Steps of the Capitol to remember J. Craig Gandy and his powerful voice as a Pro-Life Advocate and tremendous accomplishment of getting the truth out in television media. CLICK HERE FOR AGENDA. Address: 11th & Congress on the front steps of the Capitol entrance.

  GOVERNMENT & MILITARY - July 18th, Friday 3 PM - Military Graveside Memorial at Central Texas Veterans Cemetery - CLICK HERE for directions and map.

  CHURCH & RELIGION - July 19th, Saturday 2 PM - Celebration of Life Service at Cathedral of Praise - CLICK HERE for address and directions. Pastor Bill Hart will begin the service and worship by Darren Shaw. During the middle of the service we will have an open church service where friends and family were led by the Holy Spirit to share their favorite stories of how Craig touched their life. Musicians are invited to sing and play songs in Celebration of Craig Gandy's love of Jesus Christ and his passion to share God's love with the world.

   EDUCATION - August 7th, Thursday 8 PM - Memorial Service by Mauri Gandy. Educating people on how important our family members are and to follow God and Jesus Christ above all things.

  ENTERTAINMENT Memorial - Music Concert Memorial on August 30th 2014. This would have been Craig's 61st Birthday. Celebrating the Entertainment Mountain of Influence.


On August 30, 1953 Joel Craig Gandy was born in Morton Texas. He was the first child of Billy Joe Gandy and Patsy Ann Brown. His maternal grandfather and great grandfather were Baptist Preachers. His Great Great Great Paternal Grandfather, Francis Marion Gandy, traveled to Texas in 1851 and was a founding father of Meridian Texas. J. Craig Gandy was proud of his deep Christian heritage and often boasted that his wife traced his line back over 1,000 years of Christianity. It is recorded in Texas history books that Francis Marion Gandy was known for his strong and powerful prayers.

From the first Sunday of his life his parents took him to church. He was the "Apple" of his mother's eye, her treasured first born. Craig and his younger sister Becky and younger brother Steve spent most of their young childhood on a huge farm in New Mexico. His parents owned over 1,000 acres and the kids found endless ways to keep themselves entertained.

In school Craig always achieved excellence. He was an amazing athlete and incredible baseball player. He also played football and ran track. Craig graduated from Ponca City High School. His high school sweetheart got pregnant her senior year while Craig was in college at Oklahoma. He planned to marry her and looked forward to being a father. He was devastated when she told him that her father drove her to Kansas and forced her to have an abortion. Her father said it would be bad for his business and he would be embarrassed at church where he was an Elder. The day that Roe vs Wade was passed is the day that Craig Gandy left his life as he knew it behind and entered service in the Army during the Vietnam War. This is the reason that Craig became such a strong Pro-Life Advocate in Media.

(Summary of Service in the Army for 12 years 3 months)
Sergeant Gandy distinguished himself as assistant to the Chief of the Quality Assurance Branch during the preparation and execution of the Department of Army Biennial Inspection. His managerial and leadership qualities were instrumental in the Quality Assurance Branch receiving a commendable rating. His efforts also resulted in the finding of no major deficiencies throughout the Finance operation by the inspection team. Sergeant Gandy is commended for the pride he has taken in his responsibilities as a finance specialist and soldier making him a valuable asset to the Finance Corps and the United States Army. CLICK HERE for more of Craig's Military history.

On July 22, 1975 Jennifer Diane Gandy was born in Germany, and on January 30 1978 Jeffrey Craig Gandy was born in Fort Carson, Colorado. While in the service he continued his education at University of Maryland, Livorne, Italy receiving his Bacholors Degree. During the 1985 Austin Boom years Craig Gandy moved his family to Cedar Park, Texas. Their third child was born on March 11th 1986. He was a Manager at Southwood Theater when he received a huge download vision from God the first Sunday of September in 1987. His life changed forever on that day, and he became what he called a "Radical Christian". His vision of giving and caring for those less fortunate encouraged him to lead the greatest year of giving that Austin ever saw. He started a Christmas Food Bank promotion that helped the Austin Chapter receive the "Outstanding Jaycee Chapter in the World." Craig was on Austin Channel 10 Access TV in January 1988 talking about his promotion on the "Capitol View - An Eye on Austin". He was nominated to be on the Board of the Austin Jaycees and Blue Santa. At the same time his wife became upset that he was talking about God all the time. She told him God was personal and he would soon be talking about God in the grocery stores and on the streets. And he did.

His wife divorced him and it was finalized in April 1988. Less than a month later she kidnapped their three children to Germany. Even though he received legal custody in the USA after she illegally took the children he flew over to get them but the international kidnapping laws are not honored in Germany. One of only two countries that do not share this international law. When Craig returned to Texas without his children he was devastated and went through severe depression. He often tells how he would turn to the bible every day during this time and God would share one nugget with him. This was how Craig really began his intimate relationship with God. One day Craig sat in a field behind his house for over 2 hours with a knife to his throat praying for strength to kill himself. He kept seeing visions of one of Mauri's five children finding him dead in the field. He could not put them through that. When he went back inside he opened up his bible and saw a scripture that he never found again. It said that God showed him a piece of the glory and now he would go through a period of testing. But the glory at the back end would be more than he could imagine.

On Valentine's Day 1989 J. Craig and Mauri Lee Davenport got married at her older sister's home in Marble Falls, Texas. When he married Mauri he took on the responsibility of raising her five children: Lew, Christina, Robert, Brad and Jennifer. On April 23, 1989 Jonathan Christian Gandy was born to J. Craig Gandy and Mauri Gandy. It was their first child. It was Craig's 4th child and Mauri's 6th child. When Jonathan was born Craig was elated at being a father again and dedicated his life to being the best dad that he could possibly be. In March 1990 Mauri miscarried a son that they named Jeremiah Christopher Gandy. And on September 28, 1991 they had a daughter named Jamie Michelle Gandy.

In 1991 Craig became a manager of Family Bookstore in Killeen Texas. He wrote the book "Servant of God" about his stories during this time where he was known as a pastor to the pastors. In 1994 he left Family Bookstore to start his own company marketing Christian products to the Military. The couple also started their own Christian bookstore "Beacon of Light Christian Storehouse" in Belton Texas. They began JCI Ministries, had a coffee shop, an E-Z Mail services and started a Shepherd's Guide in the Central Texas area. The family was doing great when their businesses came to a halt during the Military Government Freeze of 1996. During this time Craig received a letter from his oldest daughter in Germany saying that his son Jeffrey had been in an automobile accident. Jeffrey came to Texas to spend the summer with his dad and family. While here he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Jeffrey went back to Germany and the Gandy family moved to Marble Falls Texas. In 1999 the family moved back to Austin and Craig started writing a book on how to sell to the government when he received a phone call that his son Jeffrey had been in another automobile accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He spent a year in rehabilitation and then came to Texas to be cared for by his dad.

In 2009 the doors opened for the Gandys to begin a television ministry and J. Craig Gandy became the host of a weekly live television Christian talk program called "JCI Live Austin". Craig's wife was the producer, their oldest son was the technical director and their daughter was the floor manager. During their five years in Media Ministry the family touched many lives around the World sharing their love for God and His son Jesus Christ. The family produced 679 programs from the Summer of 2009 until Craig's last live appearance on June 19th, 2014. CLICK HERE for archives of JCI Live Austin.

J. Craig Gandy entered heaven on July 9th 2014. His family and friends at Channel Austin will hold a special Television Memorial at 8 PM on Thursday July 17th. On Friday July 18th at 10 AM a special memorial service will be held at the Texas State Capitol South Steps honoring J. Craig Gandy as the most Outspoken Pro-Life Media Advocate in Texas. A Military Service will be held later that afternoon at 3 PM at the Central Texas Veterans Cemetery in Killeen Texas. A Celebration of Life Service will be held on Saturday July 19th at Cathedral of Praise at 2 PM.

J. Craig Gandy leaves behind
Mauri Lee Davenport Gandy his wife of 25 years
Daughter: Jennifer Diane Gandy-Gunst and husband Toby Gunst - Ludwigshafen, Germany
Son: Jeffrey Craig Gandy - Pflugerville, Texas
Son: Jason Cole Gandy - Wurzburg, Germany
Son: Jonathan Christian Gandy - Austin, Texas
Daughter: Jamie Michelle Gandy - Austin, Texas
Step Son: William Lewis Burnell - Austin, Texas
Step Daughter: Christina Marie Burnell Creek and husband Brandon Frank Creek - Round Rock, Texas
Step Son: Robert Francis Burnell - Marble Falls, Texas
Step Son: Bradley Jason-Byron Burnell - Austin, Texas
Step Daughter: Jennifer Azalea Burnell - San Marcos, Texas
Mother: Tricia Hadicke and husband Roger Hadicke - Oklahoma
Sister: Becky Huff and husband Rick Huff - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Brother: Steve Gandy and wife Jan Gandy - Houston, Texas

J. Craig Gandy was welcomed in to heaven by two of his children. One that died in 1972 and Jeremiah Christopher Gandy who died in Mauri's womb when she was three months pregnant in March 1990.

Craig's was extremely proud of his heritage of 12 grandchildren. He loved them beyond measure.
Chiara Hope Gunst - Daughter of Jennifer Diane Gandy-Gunst & Toby Gunst
Felicity Faith Gunst - Daughter of Jennifer Diane Gandy-Gunst & Toby Gunst
Jasmine Marie Bailey - Daughter of Christina Marie Burnell & Joe Bailey
Jaymen Marcus Alfonso - Son of Lexi Ann Alfonso Burnell
Tyler Arthur Burnell - Son of Robert Francis Burnell & Lexi Ann Alfonso Burnell
Sierra Rayne Burnell - Daughter of Robert Francis Burnell & Lexi Ann Alfonso Burnell
Brandon Frank Creek Jr. - Son of Christina Marie Burnell & Brandon Frank Creek
Angelea Lynn Burnell - Daughter of Bradley Jason-Byron Burnell & Rebecca Lynn Bradford Burnell
Kyle Christine Joyce Rangel - Daughter of Carolyn Ann Dragon Burnell
Samuel Calip - Son of Carolyn Ann Dragon Burnell
Avery Rose Burnell - Daughter of William Lewis Burnell & Carolyn Ann Dragon Burnell
Brett Lewis Burnell - Son of William Lewis Burnell & Carolyn Ann Dragon Burnell

Craig was also called Grandpa by:
DaMiah Landrum - Daughter of Marcy Evans
and Ethan Wayne Randolph - Son of Larry and Terrie Randolph

CLICK HERE for J. Craig Gandy's Work history.

(Corrections to the Brochure in pdf file: Mother's name Tricia Hadicke. Sister Becky lives in Tulsa Oklahoma)


CLICK HERE to watch J. Craig Gandy Memorial from FAMILY: Mauri, Jennifer, Jonathan and Jamie on July 10, 2014.

CLICK HERE to watch Channel Austin MEDIA Memorial on July 17, 2014.

Joel Craig Gandy MILITARY Funeral Service from mauri gandy on Vimeo on July 18th @ 3 PM.

Texas Capitol BUSINESS Memorial for J. Craig Gandy from mauri gandy on Vimeo July 18th @ 10 AM.

MJCIchurchmem2014 from mauri gandy on Vimeo.

J. Craig Gandy was honored with a CHURCH Memorial at Cathedral of Praise on July 19th @ 2 PM

CLICK HERE for Education Memorial by Mauri Gandy.

JCGmusicmemorial a from mauri gandy on Vimeo.

Part 1

JCGmusicmem1 from mauri gandy on Vimeo.

Part 2 (Resolution is compressed at a low rate. We will try to upload a higher resolution in the near future.)

JCGmusicmem3 from mauri gandy on Vimeo.

Part 3 with Courtney Santana and Tamara Clopton

On August 30th at Stinson's 2407 Lake Austin Blvd from 6 to 9 PM. We had a great evening with musicians Lauren Silva, Clay Campania, Courtney Santana and Tamara Clopton -MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT Memorial for J. Craig Gandy.

CLICK HERE for Texas State Senate Resolution for Memorial to Joel Craig Gandy on March 10th 2015


J. Craig Gandy's book "Servant of God" is available e-book download by clicking on book cover or hard bound book by CLICKING HERE


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