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"Where the Eagles Gather"
J. Craig International, LLC.
J. Craig International was formed in 1987 as a professional firm capable of planning and managing the entire business process for both national and international clientele. We create an effective business plan and loan package, develop the right marketing plan and then present the plan for capital acquisition to the right investment groups. Of course we were interested in areas that generated generous amounts of money year after year, but we also looked at areas that gave us the greatest opportunity to serve people worldwide.

There were many areas on the international playing field that interested us initially. International Litigation and Investigations, Investments, Consulting and Financial Management, Business Planning, Marketing, Consulting and Contracting all were interesting as we started writing marketing and business plans for small and mid-size companies, which evolved into raising the capital necessary to accomplish the objectives of the companies we served. Our first international contract in 1988 allowed us the opportunity to identify strategies for penetrating markets throughout Europe and Asia, as well as the Americas.

Many times as we look at something from differently motivated eyes, entirely new opportunities arise. As we looked at the opportunity to serve people around the world, we started seeing the world differently. Doors of opportunity began to open to show paths and roads to follow that had been overlooked before, and this in turn revealed windows of access to service the needs of people throughout the world.

J. Craig International emphasizes developing strategic long-term relationships across industries. We expect the relationships we establish to be mutually rewarding as we collaborate with several organizations and consultants, each an expert in his/her own arena. We subscribe to the philosophy of integrating highly talented professionals into a dynamic centralized body because we believe this is the most efficient and logical structure to maintain. Such a structure enables us to keep regularly informed of the latest developments worldwide in international finance, publishing, entertainment, education, law and investigations, real estate, energy, technology as well as other industries.

As technologies have advanced and become intertwined one with another, very few companies have the skill or expertise needed to bring products to market in a timely and cost effective manner. By understanding the relationships between varied industries, we can benefit many organizations. Large companies benefit by gaining a window on new ideas, while small companies benefit by acquiring credibility when they link up with large companies. We believe our positioning strategy allows us the opportunity to achieve a unique presence in the marketplace.

J. Craig International has been retained to represent the individual divisions of JCI World Corporation. As the divisions of the JCI World Corporation Family of Companies go forth, we will reach individuals with a wide array of products and services to enhance the lives of people and families in communities and cities around the world.

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"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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