The Spirit of Love

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The Spirit of Love

On January 24th, 2009, my family and I attended a church service where we listened to the Prophet Daniel Pringle preach. His sons lead the praise and worship prior to the service and it was a good worship experience. I had been battling in the heavenlies for months trying to release the glory of God from the heavens to the earth.

For months I had seen a sliver of glory in the sky. It was almost like a thin opening in the heavens and I would be battling trying to open this sliver so Godís glory could rain down on His people. But I was never able to open this sliver no matter how hard I tried to pull it open during my worship time, both at Daniel Pringleís and at my home church, Cathedral of Praise. I knew we were close to the release of Godís glory, but still there was no breakthrough.

About a year ago I had a vision. Jesus was sitting on a white stallion with reins to His horse in His left hand. He was holding the reins to another white stallion in His right hand. As He handed me the reins to the rider-less white stallion, Jesus asked me, ďReady to Ride, Brother?Ē Then I got swept with glory. Each time Jesus would ask if I was ready to ride, I would get swept with waves of glory and the tears would flow and flow and flow.

So I was surprised to see Jesus on a white stallion as I was worshiping on January 24th. I immediately said to the Lord, ďIím ready to ride Lord!Ē We (the Lord and me) instantly headed to the sliver of glory that was in the sky. As we approached the sliver of glory it turned into a large circle and I could see stars shining in a night sky. I was awestruck, and I felt a breakthrough was at hand.

The next morning, while at church worshipping the Lord, I saw the heavens and there was no longer the sliver in the sky but there was the circle as the Lord and I had left it the previous night. As soon as I saw the circle in the sky all of the clouds immediately dissipated and there was a clear heavenly night with stars blanketing the sky.

As I prayed about this that night, Sunday January 25th, the Lord told me that the stars were His glory that He was ready to rain down into the hearts and purposes of His people. The day was here. The open heavens are here. It is now the time to fulfill the purposes of God on earth. Hallelujah.

I couldnít wait to get to church that Friday night, January 30th, Jeffís 31st birthday, to share that we had entered the day of the open heavens. Not an open window or door, but the heavens had been opened. I can't explain how excited I had been this entire week, and told my family on the way to church after we had all prayed, (we all pray on our drive to church), that if I jumped up and did a 720 spin, that tonight was the night for the release of glory.

As soon as I got to church that Friday night, January 30, 2009, I was counseled because I had had a woman complain about my hugs. I try to give real hugs and always try to give them purely as love from the Fatherís heart to the person I am giving the hug to, so I was surprised to say the least, and my spirit was grieved to be truly honest. This broke my heart, because I have only wanted to do the will of God the Father and impart His love into all He directed.

I have had men run from the glory of God and not want to receive hugs or love from the Father. Many times at our previous church I would see someone making a wide path around so they would not have to enter into Godís love imparted through genuine hugs.

When you are in the glory of God, you don't think about sin. You think about love. A year and a half ago Jonathan, Jamie and I started playing a game at church. When we saw light in the eyes of someone we would smile. If they returned the smile, we would enter into His glory and give them a genuine hug. And we were changing a church that had close to ten thousand members through genuine love and genuine hugs.

Sunday night, January 18th, while we were praying (during our nightly family prayer time) for all of the people at Cathedral, we started talking about how many people Jon, Jamie, Mauri and I had hugged Sunday morning. We had hugged over one hundred and twenty people (we had double, triple and quadruped up on some of the people, (all of us hugging the same person), but we had imparted a lot of love, and that is who we truly are. I believe love was the reason for the breakthrough that was to occur the following weekend.

I told my Pastor it is not necessary for me to know who the woman was, but I wanted him to convey to her that it is never my intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable when I hug and pray for someone, male or female. Normally my discerning spirit is well enough in tune that I know who the Lord wants me to hug and who the Lord does not want me around.

I was serious when I said I don't believe in side hugs (I wonít say what I told him about side-hugs). That is not who I am, not who I want to be, and not who I am going to be. God has blessed me with His love and all I have to do is receive and impart and receive some more from Him. If life is a choice, then my choice is love. I am nothing without love.

The problem I was facing was that once you have given someone a genuine hug from the Father, they think something is wrong when you shake their hand or give a half xxx hug instead of a real hug. So I was in a dilemma. There was no going back from the release of His love or I would turn into that lukewarm vomit that my children have had to keep me from smacking out of the lukewarm people I have encountered over the years.

I had a friend at my previous church (Shoreline) get upset after Shawn Bolz was here in June because we had visited Cathedral. I told Tim that he had commented many times to me how respectful and obedient my children were, and I told him that the reason they stood so close to me all the time was because they did not want me to slap the lukewarm out of those with no fire.

I felt like I had no fire at all the week of January 30th to February 8th 2009, but I had my heart submitted to the Lord. I told my family January 31st that I was going through a test, and all I was asking from them was to rejoice in the test. Of course it is easier said than done, but love did win out in the end. I canít change who the Lord has made me, and donít want to. Prophet Pringle did mention the night of January 31st that if we had a message from the Lord and we were not encountering some sort of trial it probably was not a message from the Lord. When I shared with him what had occurred the previous weekend, he said, ďYou broke through.Ē His words encouraged me, because I knew this test was leading to victory.

About fifteen years ago I had two black women in my bookstore, and they both said I had the kindest and sweetest spirit they had ever encountered in a man before. I told them it was the Lord. I had been raised the son of a west Texas farmer with a little too much red in his neck, and by nature I was more warrior than gentleman. The love and gentleness comes from the Lord. I have made more than my share of mistakes over the years, so I guess I have needed the Lord more than most. Iíve needed His love and His forgiveness, and His fellowship. Without the Lord I am nothing.

What Jesus did on the Cross for me was more than a person can ever even attempt to repay. We just accept that what Jesus did on the Cross bought everything we can ever do wrong and know in our heart that He is Worthy. Know that NOW is the day that the Lord is ready to ride into the purposes of His people, and we are ready to ride into the days of victory.

Love is the key to victory. Love will release His glory. God said that an outpouring of love will precede this rain of glory we all have been hungering for. If we exhibit His love into every part of our lives, to everyone in our Sphere of Influence, then God can use us to represent His Kingdom to a hurting world. First we share love, and then God pours out His glory.

It is definitely worth the effort to reach out and touch a hurting world with the love of a risen Savior named Jesus Christ. Many times it starts with a simple smile, then a genuine hug. As we share love with everyone we come in contact with, we increase the amount of love that God can flow through us. Then the next thing we know is that we are going from glory to glory, to hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

Release to love and get ready to Embrace His Glory. The final chapter is coming soon.