My youngest son Jonathan and I recently completed a study with the menís group at our local church. The teaching was okay and the book we used was okay, but the course was lacking in that little something that would propel the desires of the heart of man to another level.

I think that men and women have a hard time grasping the concept of forever. We people have a tendency to think that when we have to wait until next week to feed a selfish desire, ďMan, thatís forever!Ē To grasp the concept of forever can help a person understand victory through trials when ďThis situation is going to last foreverĒ, or ďThis situation will never endĒ.

It is amazing that never can seem like forever and forever can only mean next week. I think I was also a little surprised when I looked up the meaning of Legacy in my old Websterís Dictionary.

There were two meanings listed. The first stated: A gift by will especially of money or personal property; and the second stated: Something received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.

These two definitions were awfully vague on what Legacy meant, or maybe a word was being expanded on that really didnít have much meaning at all. But I could see how the second definition could be expanded a little. I thought maybe the second should have read: Something besides money that is received from an ancestor or someone from the past.

Then we have a purpose for using the word Legacy. What could an ancestor leave future generations that was of any importance besides money or property? Of course we get into generational blessings and curses that are passed down through the ages. These blessings or curses are either embraced or rejected by descendants to come.

Legacy has become a very important in-word used by both the secular media as well as through the Christian media. Our menís group at our church held a conference in January or February this year and Legacy was the topic. One of our junior pastors had passed away the first month of the year and this conference was dedicated to the Legacy he had left.

I had been concerned about some issues in our church and had specifically asked the pastor in charge of this conference if this conference was worth the fifteen dollar charge. He made a couple of comments about the conference and I said okay, Jonathan and I would go.

Jonathan asked me afterwards what had been said to convince me to go, because he had not heard anything that sounded very convincing. I told him that nothing had been said to convince me, but I wanted to be a support to the menís group of which we are members.

The preaching was good by the guest speaker, and we both got to hug many men with godly hugs. And godly hugs are truly wonderful to give and receive. But there was an incident the first night that concerned me again.

This was a conference where many men of all ages were in attendance. They all seemed to be hungering for God and I thought this was great. Jonathan and I had brought an elderly man with us who was walking with a walker and we got there early so we could pray before this conference. We were hungering for an outbreak of God.

And then they broke out the beach balls. They hit them off of the stage into the crowd and a few men played and the rest were wondering why. Many were in prayer and especially the elderly gentleman I brought with me. He is a former pastor and has a sincere heart for God.

So I went to inquire of the pastor in charge if maybe we could delete the beach balls so many could continue in prayer, especially my friend. I was told he could go up on the back stairs to pray or elsewhere, but men needed to have fun when they go to things like this. Whew. This disappointed me.

After we took my friend home that night after the conference I told Jonathan that if I ever died (and I donít plan too, because I plan on being here when Lord Jesus returns) I want him to be in charge of my Legacy celebration. I told him I wanted him to surround me to the very last second with praying men and women of God speaking faith and strength and health into my body. Please keep the beach ball crowd away from me if that situation ever arises.

I actually thought about writing a story titled, ďPrayer Warrior or Beach Ball Fanatic?Ē But one doesnít want to be harsh if there is any way to get around it. I donít want leadership that is going to giggle or goose each other if I am ever in dire need. I donít want to leave a Legacy of being a beach ball bimbo. I want to have praying, fasting men of God on their knees for one another when the need arises.

My ancestry shows almost one thousand years of Christianity on one side of my family tree. My grandfather and great grandfather were both Baptist preachers and there were many other preachers throughout the past. On the other side of my family tree as far back as my great grandfather settling in Texas, USA, in the 1840ís, when his town needed prayer they came to my great grandfather.

Prayer passed down generation to generation is Legacy. A sincere love for God passed down from generation to generation is Legacy. True love for the Word of God passed down to our children is Legacy.

My ancestors for the past one thousand years created a Legacy when they gave their lives to a risen Savior, thereby starting generations of blessings that would follow. And I now have plans to continue that Legacy for the next thousand years and beyond.

Legacy is more than leaving a Legacy that your kids donít suck their thumbs in church. Legacy is looking past yourself and your children to the glories through eternity. I hereby declare that my descendents belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. We will serve the House of the Lord forevermore and we are excited to ride through eternity on the clouds of glory with King Jesus.

Holy Father I love You, Lord Jesus I love You and Holy Spirit I love You. I am ready to ride from glory to glories to glories forevermore. For ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, etc. That will truly be never ending and forevermore. And that is a long time. God bless you.

I thought I would humbly add a comment I read by Pastor Paul Yong-gi Cho. Pastor Cho is the Pastor of the largest Christian church in the world. His church was about one half million members in the mid 1980ís, and was growing with about twelve thousand new converts every week.

He said prayer was the key to growth. He said not only his church, but most churches in Korea begin their prayer time at 5:00 a.m. and regularly prayer for one to two hours. The most important thing in their lives is prayer and they spend the entire night on Fridays in prayer. On Sundays, before each one of their seven services they spend time in prayer.

He went on to say that he was shocked when he visited other churches that have social gatherings before Sunday services. More can be accomplished if each person comes to church in an attitude of prayer and quietly prays before the service. He said that is why there is the holy and might presence of God in their services. He said sinners are convicted by the Holy Spirit before he even gets up to preach the gospel.

Pastor Cho said Christian hearts are opened to receive the truth of Godís Word by the spirit of prayer among them. Prayer Ė I believe it is a good thing.