Twenty years and nine months ago God gave me a vision. I had stayed up all night with a couple of young men who worked for me. They called me about two o’clock in the morning. They had taken some drugs and one was unconscious. I asked the coherent one what kind of drug and he said mushrooms. I told him to stay on the line and I would telephone the hospital.

So I put him on hold and called Brackenridge Hospital here in Austin, Texas. I asked the nurse that answered the call about the mushrooms these young men had taken. She asked, “Were they on a pizza or out of a can?” I told her they were a hallucinogenic natural drug and she said she didn’t know anything about those kinds of mushrooms. I could continue about other experiences with Brackenridge but that is not the purpose of this story.

I got back on the phone and told the coherent one what the hospital had said, asked him if he could drive and he said yes he was close to where I was. Any way, I ended up meeting these two young guys between two and two-thirty and they survived. We stayed up to seven am and then we all went home.

I got home about seven-thirty and put on a pot of coffee. While the coffee brewed I wrote a fourteen division organizational chart of a company I had not yet created. God opened my mind to how these divisions all worked together to create the synergy of the vision he gave me.

God placed within me wisdom to see how this company could reach into every hut and home in every village, town and city throughout the world. I was the general manager of a movie theater at the time and used the ideas the Lord showed me that morning to market my old theater with a different radio station and non profit organization every week for a three month period. The promotion ended on January the First with the youth groups from fourteen churches participating in a drug and alcohol free New Year’s Eve.

Nineteen Eight-Seven is stilled remembered as the most giving year in of Austin, Texas. The stock crash of October 1987 occurred during this period of time and we still remember this period of time as the most giving period in the history of Austin, Texas. People were giving of themselves. And I had a great time being involved with some really great people. But I was not close to God.

I had grown up in the Baptist church until the year of my parents divorce and I just kind of quit going too. The years away from church were the self destructive paths we choose. God never leaves us, but He does allow choices.

The choices we make aren’t always the wisest when we choose a path away from God. But the first Sunday in September 1987 God smacked me alongside my head and said He was alive and well and was soon to move in my life. I saw quantum leaps in my business life to such an extent I had to give God the credit, although I didn’t even know how to properly give Him the glory.

My ex-wife decided talking about God was going too far and we divorced. She took my three children with her to Europe in May 1988. I followed her and took about two weeks to locate her and my three children.

The night before I found them I was praying hard. I believed for my three children to be transfigured right into my room at the Gasthaus where I was staying. It started to thunder and lightening outside but there was no rain. Even though my children did not materialize before me, God used this time to turn me to the Book of Malachi in the Holy Bible, and God opened my eyes to Malachi 4:5-6 and called me into my purpose. As the years have passed I have learned more and more about the Elijah Anointing, but that is another story.

The next day my children told me they liked Germany and wanted to stay. What ever they wanted, but my heart broke. The next fifteen months were the most broken hearted imaginable. Life without my children was more than I could handle. It was so severe at one point I sat in the middle of a field praying for the strength to push a knife through my throat. And God sat there with me.

When I went into the house God turned me to a two page book of the Bible that I never found again. The verses He turned me to said that He showed me a piece of the glory in the beginning and now was going to allow me to go through a period of testing, but the glory on the backend was more than I could imagine. I never found that scripture again, but it gave me hope through the years as the test ravaged my heart, soul and spirit.

I experienced brokenness so complete I felt more insignificant than a drop of oil that has fallen to the center of a busy interstate highway. When there is no lower that a man can go, there is always God. Even on the darkest days God would share a nugget of truth that would sustain me for that day, but darkness and brokenness enveloped me.

The past twenty years have been to prepare me for the glories that the Lord has planned for eternity. Each area of failure and brokenness has been used as a stepping stone to the victory that is now at hand. God is ready for the glory on the backend.

On June the 4th, 2008 my family had gone out to water our small herd of cows. When we arrived at our piece of property one of our cows was in labor to deliver a calf. Twenty to thirty vultures had gathered around and were waiting for her to die. Her calf was stillborn and had a nose and two hooves protruding.

We tried everything we could to save the mother cow. None of the veterinarians in the area were able to come out and help, and when we pulled the calf the mother hemorrhaged and died. My wife, two sons and daughter as well as I were devastated. We spent six hours trying to save the mother cow on this extremely sun soaked day. We were all sun burned and exhausted when we finally got home, and I asked if anyone wanted to go to church that night.

Everyone said yes and we went to church and got to lift our voices in praise to a Savior that deserves our everything, especially our praise. My youngest son and daughter got to serve their brothers and sisters in the church by ushering. Praise and service to the body of Christ is healing in motion.

The first Wednesday of each month our church has their night of praise and communion. The music was good and the pastor stressed the importance of the Cross as we were taking communion. I knelt down to pray before taking communion and Jesus spoke right to my spirit.

Jesus said, “My piece of the glory was My three year period before the Cross, My test was the Cross, but now I am ready for the glory on the backend.” Glory, glory, glory hallelujah.

As with any loss there is always a lesson. I asked the Lord what the lesson was. The Lord had shown me the previous Sunday that it was twenty years and nine months from the time He had given me the vision of the fourteen divisions.

The Lord said the vision is birthing and it is time to push as He directs. Your will be done Lord in everything You have placed on my heart. Please birth the vision You placed within me. Give me the strength and energy to push during this birthing process. Share Your energy and strength with me Lord. I can do nothing without You. I love you Lord Jesus Christ. I will love You and praise You all of the days of my life Lord.

As I meditated on what the Lord had spoken about being ready for the glory on the backend I thought of a scripture that has always amazed me. The last verse in the book of John, John 21:25 reads:

And there are also many other things Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen.

I thought about that scripture that night and wondered if perhaps John had been given a glimpse into eternity. The glory to glories to glories that are coming in the days ahead are truly awesome. Praise be to the name of Jesus forevermore. I too Lord am ready for the glory on the backend. Help me push when the time is right, because it is all to Your glory Lord that we are able to do anything at all. I love You Lord.