Many people feel led to do different things for the Lord. We each are anointed to accomplish different missions for the Kingdom of God. Sometimes we inadvertently hurt someoneís feelings when we donít follow them in their ministry. If God has called a person to minister to the elderly in nursing homes, and He has called you to minister to the homeless, for example, it does not mean that one calling is more important than the other. Many Christians get angry with other Christians because they are not led by God to participate in the completion or accomplishment of a particular vision. God does not want us to be lukewarm and do nothing to further His Kingdom, so we each should seek God wholeheartedly to find out what God wants us to accomplish for the Kingdom. Then the true power of the anointing of God can propel us to be the best we can be as we move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit.

God gave me a vision the first Sunday in September 1987. He showed me a fourteen division organizational chart and showed me how each of these divisions were interrelated. How publishing, entertainment, technology, finance, international trade, etc. are interrelated in His grand scheme of things. Little did I know at the time, is that for everything God places in your heart to accomplish, He also has a timetable set up for its completion. I initially thought I was to accomplish all fourteen areas within a very short period of time. Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha. Over the next few years I wrote all the business plans to support each activity of this organizational chart. Many times as I would attempt to move forward in one area or another, it was not Godís time, so I was not able to succeed. Not understanding Godís timing is one of the most frustrating things we have to overcome. I am an impatient little piece of dirt, however over the years I have grown more patient as I await anointed moves of God. Understanding the difference between patience and complacency has helped me to not be so hard on myself, as my heartís desire is to fully utilize the talents God has given me to further the Kingdom of God and promote the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But patience is not always easy.

One day my wife, Mauri, and I were standing outside the house talking. She wanted me to pick one of the plans and start moving forward. Her comment was that God had given all the plans to me, so it was time to make some money, because all the plans were excellent. I told her that God had given me these plans, however He had not set in motion the timetable for completion of the plans. I went on to explain it to her in this way.

When God truly anoints a person or situation, the power that is unleashed is beyond comprehension. Your energy level is more than that of ten people. If you have telephone calls to make, for you to write a persons name on your daily call list is for the Holy Spirit to touch that person and have them call you. For four months after receiving this vision from God, I witnessed this awesome power of God in every area He had anointed in my life. I know the difference in moving forward in Craigís power, and in moving forward in the power of God. And believe it or not, the big Guy is a lot more powerful than I am. So He is worth waiting on. When God says to go forth, I will have my running shoes on.

God gave me a beautiful example to use that day as Mauri and I talked. An eagle was soaring in the sky within eyesight from where we were standing on this slightly windy day. I asked Mauri if she could see how effortless the eagle soared through the sky. It never moved its wings as it came directly at us, until it was directly above us. The eagle circled above us as I made a comparison of moving in the power of God, and moving in our own power. I told Mauri that when we move forward in the power of God, this movement is anointed by God to make it an effortless move forward. As the wind beneath the eagleís wings gives it the ability to soar effortlessly, the Holy Spirit is the wind beneath our wings that gives us our ability to move forward effortlessly. When empowered by God, our move forward is truly powerful. I then told Mauri that when we try to move forward in our own strength and timing, it is like a sparrow or redbird flapping furiously in the wind. At that exact moment, a sparrow and a cardinal came flying into our yard and rested in a tree. As they had flown into the yard, their little wings were flapping furiously as they flew into the wind. When we move forward in our power, we flap furiously to get nowhere fast. And the effort is overwhelming. The eagle started circling away from us at this time, and we watched the eagle soar away until it was no more than a speck in the sky. It did not flap its wings one time as it soared away, effortless into the wind. Having been provided by God with this beautiful example of nature, I asked Mauri whose strength she would like to move forward in.

God has blessed me with many wondrous gifts that I no way deserve, and He anoints me in different situations for different purposes. I truly love encouraging the saints of God, and I feel God has give me the ability to reach out and touch the saints to edify to body of Christ. Philemon verses 4-7, has always blessed my heart. They read as follows:

I thank my God, making mention of you always in my prayers, hearing of your love and faith which you have toward the Lord Jesus and toward all the saints, that the sharing of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgment of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus. For we have great joy and consolation in your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed by you, brother.

To move forth in Godís timing is important to understand if we want to move forward in Godís power. What God calls one of us to accomplish, He does not necessarily call all of us to accomplish. Understanding the power that comes with the anointing is helpful to know when we are moving in Godís plan. However, whether we are called into a particular ministry, or called to help support a particular ministry, that decision is between each individual and God. Our role as servants of God is to realize that God uses all of us differently. Our purpose is to lift up in love and refresh the hearts of the saints of God. Even if someone is not on your team but they are on Jesusí team, then we have a responsibility to lift them up in prayer as they are called and blessed by God, because we are all parts of the body of Christ.

I love You Father God, I love You Lord Jesus, and I love You Holy Spirit. Help me to encourage all of Your saints and love them as You love us. Thank You Jesus for dying for us, so we could receive love from, and give love to, our Holy Father God.