Knowing who you are in God is wonderful beyond compare. My wife, Mauri, was very surprised one day when one of her friends told her that God had called her His daughter. Mauri told me she knew she was a child of God, but she could not fathom being His daughter. She said she could understand having God as our Father, but having Him as her Daddy was something that she found totally awesome. It was not long thereafter that God led her into a relationship with Him of Daddy-daughter. The special understanding she had of knowing Father God, as Daddy was beautiful as she began to realize how much He loved her as His little girl.

I think it was hard for me to realize how a human being could call God Daddy. I always looked at Father God as my Holy Father, and I felt I had a wonderful relationship with Him, but Daddy was a little beyond my comprehension. However, I was very happy as Mauri entered into this new dimension with God, even though it seemed more intimate than I could imagine.

Shortly thereafter I received a touch from God. We had just gone to bed and I was lying there talking to God. Mauri had her back to me and I asked God to touch me and remove everything that I shouldn’t have within me. The finger of God touched me as He cleansed my entire inner being. The touch was so real that I began to stretch out to receive every last, wonderful feeling that His touch meant to me. Mauri turned over and asked me what had just happened, because she had felt the anointing of God in the room.

I told her I had asked for a touch from God and He had touched every square inch of my inner being. I said I had stretched out to receive as much as I could of every single bit of His touch. I told Mauri it was kind of like when I would come home from work and pet our dog. Jake, our dog at the time, would lie on his back and stretch out, as I would pet him. Every single inch of his body loved to be touched as I came home, and even his toes would stretch out as I petted him. I told Mauri that is the way I felt when God had touched me.

I told Mauri, you might be a daughter to God, but I am Fido of God. I guess Mauri loves as a daughter loves her daddy and I love as a dog loves his master. So if anyone asks what we will be doing when we get to heaven, I have a lot of answers. The Bible tells us what we will be doing. But the thought of sitting at the foot of the throne of God, and leaping excitedly when the Master reaches His hand down to touch me, makes this Fido jump for joy.

A footnote to this story occurred this past Friday, 4-11-08, while I was spending time with God. I was thinking about the story of Fido of God and I was sitting by His throne when, He nodded His head at me to come up on His lap with Him. I jumped excitedly into His lap and began to lick His face. Of course, I wasn't licking His face I was licking the glory on His face. I had His glory on my tongue. Dear Lord I pray I keep Your glory on my tongue forever and ever and ever. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

I love You Father God, I love You Lord Jesus and I love You Holy Spirit. Thank you for loving me too.

Craig shares the story of "Fido of God" and of our dog Titus
Filmed Summer 2009

Story about our dog Titus