The only other time that God had something fall off of a shelf, it was a tambourine. My wife had been sick for over a week with a bad cold and chest congestion. I was at work alone very late in the evening when a tambourine fell off the shelf in the bookstore. As I picked up the tambourine, God told me to tell Mauri, my wife, to praise Him for her healing using this tambourine. Well of course I told Mauri that night what God had told me, and I really expected her to start praising Him right then. But she didnít.

The next morning was a Monday morning and many people had caught the cold and flu bug that was being passed around. The first lady I witnessed to, to praise God for her healing, was the teller at the bank. The second was the lady at the convenience store where I stopped to get a cup of coffee. The third was an elderly man standing at the counter when I told the lady at the convenience store. By Wednesday the lady at the convenience store and the lady at the bank had both been praising God for their healing, and both were healed. All day Monday I shared what God had told me about praising Him for your healing and I continued to share this throughout the week with any and everyone who had a need for healing. The praise reports were pouring in from everyone who had praised God for their healing. An amazing 100% success rate for everyone I had communication with after I had shared what God had told me about praising Him for our healing.

But by Wednesday, Mauri had still not praised God for her healing, and she was still sick as a dog. And of course with the sweet and gentle spirit I have, I was cutting her no slack at all. I told her people were already getting well, and if she wasnít so disobedient she would already be well too. By Friday morning she still had not praised God for her healing and she was worse than ever with a horrible cough and croup. That Friday the store was bustling with activity and the praise reports were pouring in. Everyone was ecstatic about how good God was, and all were overwhelmed that they were almost immediately healed when they started praising God for their healing. I called Mauri at home and told her the praise reports were pouring in, so she should be praising God for her healing too. By the time I got home that evening, she had pulled out her tambourine and praised God for her healing. By Saturday morning she was as right as rain. I teased her about taking so long to get well. All she had to do was praise God for her healing, and she was well.

I think it is funny that we many times know what the Word of God says concerning something, yet we are stubborn and rebel against the leading of the Holy Spirit in some area of our lives. And we are all guilty. All God asks us to do is cast our cares on Him daily and praise Him along the way. And trust Him for our every need. Too many times we want to carry the burden because we are so independent and so strong and so tough, but all we have to do is turn it over to the Lord. He will bless us when we do. Thank You God for loving us. Thank You Jesus for dying for us, and thank You Holy Spirit for guiding us into all understanding. I love You.