Heartbeat of God

I had just finishing taking a bath, and I had really had a good time sharing and talking with the Lord. My quiet time in the bath with the Lord is usually one of my favorite times of the day, but this day had been especially good.

I was starting to get out of the tub and I just kind of nestled up to the side of God. I asked God if I could hear His heartbeat. As soon as my head started to move across His chest I immediately started to question the wisdom of my request. I actually started to fear what I would hear. I had asked to hear the heartbeat of God. His heartbeat is the heartbeat of the universe. What if His heartbeat was so loud it blew my eardrums out?

As my head got closer to His heart I did not hear His heartbeat. Some of my grandkids were visiting for the weekend and I could hear them in the background watching television in the living room, but no heartbeat of God. I then put my ears under the water thinking that would allow me the opportunity to hear Godís heartbeat. I heard the water sounds that come from water in the tub, but still no heartbeat of God.

I then cupped my ears under water with my hands. All I could hear was my heartbeat, His heartbeat, my heartbeat, His heartbeat. Then God spoke to me and said, ďMy heartbeat is your heartbeat.Ē Whew, glory to God.

My great-great grandfather had settled in Texas in the 1840ís and anytime the community which he helped to found needed prayer, they would ask my great-great grandfather to pray. He would ask God to loosen His heartstrings of compassion over whatever particular care needed praying for. This prayer makes a little more sense to me now.

Godís heartbeat is my heartbeat. His compassion is my compassion. His cares are my cares. His joy is my joy. His love is my love. Thank You for being everything to me oh Lord. I love you Father, I love You Lord Jesus, and I love You Holy Spirit.