Each and every day I follow these procedures set out for my improvement, I become more effective and better able to function without limitations. Everything I do, I do to the Glory of God the Father to exalt the name of Jesus Christ, His Son. I love Jesus and I let the light of God shine forth from within me.

I pursue all of my goals free of any feelings of ill will or animosity toward others. I am a warm, friendly, well-liked person. My success is assured and does not require me to take advantage of any other person. Rather, it obliges me to help others, without telling anyone about my "Good deeds." I see myself with the success eye of NOW. I have discarded the failure eye of my infancy, and I can do all things through Jesus Christ, Who strengthens me. I am free at last of failure or limitations.

I can bring great concentration to bear upon any subject, at any time. I am easily able to concentrate on any task, and am completely free of outside distraction. I always work on things that count, and I am always accessible to be used by God. When I have an enterprise on hand, I concentrate upon it wholly. In my concentration, the rest of the world cannot disturb me.

I am always efficient in everything I do, because I do it unto the Lord. I use each minute before it has disappeared forever. I keep productive work available for odd moments, so I can be a good steward of what the Lord provides me. I always achieve the desired results, with a minimum of time and energy. I face all my problems with great courage, and thus solve them much more easily. I have completely relaxed self-assurance, because greater is He who is within me than he who is in the world. I am sure of myself, and the Holy Spirit in all situations and with all people. I respect my goals and myself and I have complete self-assurance in all that I think and do. I am the equal of the best of men, and because I am on Jesus' team I truly am capable of great accomplishments.

I am easily able to persevere and finish any task I undertake.

I am very successful in all that I think and do. Because of this, I enjoy an abundance of all things, qualities and conditions necessary to the happiness of myself, and those around me. Success comes easily to me.

I am honest with myself and therefore with everyone else.

I am well organized in every phase of my life.

I treat all problems as opportunities to be creative and as a result my life is vastly enriched. I pray to God the Father through Jesus my Savior for His strength, wisdom and creativity to further the Kingdom of God forever and ever. Amen.

I use creativity in every endeavor and thus enjoy a position of growing leadership. I start every job by thinking how to do it better than it has ever been done before. Thinking in terms of a better way, I always find a better way. I am blessed by God to have a God given ability to reach creative solutions to all my problems. Knowing I have this ability, my God given creative powers actively support my belief and I have a constant flow of new and good ideas.

God has blessed me so I possess an abundant supply of energy and I draw upon it at will. I know that the more energy I apply to any task, the more I have to apply to the next task. Because I am a good steward of everything that God blesses me with, He blesses me with more the next time. I start with joy and enthusiasm and my enthusiasm activates my energy. I work with inspiration and develop my sources of energy by continuous exercise. I find that my enthusiasm builds my energy, and my energy builds my enthusiasm. I possess boundless energy and I use it freely. I realize I must give some form of energy in return for everything I receive, and I gladly give it, knowing that the more energy I give, the more I have to give. I am blessed to give because the more I give the more that is returned unto me.

I eagerly seek to improve in every phase of my life, with my primary focus always being on the most wonderful of wonderful, Jesus Christ. I truly enjoy being God focused and Christ centered and I sincerely love letting my light shine forth.

I have an excellent memory, not only for the immediate tasks but also for all experiences that I have had. It grows better every day.

I am an excellent speaker, well prepared, logical, and completely at ease before any group. I am excellent speaker because I have knowledge of my subject and an intense desire for other people to hear it.

I read quickly and easily and with great comprehension of all subject matter. I contact, feel and easily show my emotions to myself and to all other people. If Iím angry, I show it and thus release it. If Iím happy, I show this. If Iím sad, I find it easy to weep and thus dispel the sadness. The ability to show emotions at appropriate times is valuable, and the mark of a mature person.

I am easily able to relax and rest in the Lord as deeply as I wish at any time. I use this ability to conserve my energy because God always renews my energy.

I am quickly decisive in all matters, only making sure I have complete and accurate data before acting. I allow the Holy Spirit to teach me in all things, which allows me to make decisions quickly. I know that by deciding quickly, I make the best decisions. I always know what to do next because my listening ear to God is always open. By deciding everything quickly, I am tremendously productive. My decisive qualities are always awake to challenge. The more difficult the problem, the more eagerly I respond to the task, and the more my intelligence is stimulated.

I like myself very much indeed at all times. Since this thought precedes my actions, I am consistently pleased with my behavior. My goals are high, and I reach them easily and quickly by affirming them constantly. I am dynamic in my self-improvement because I am consistent in my efforts, and I always improve to the Glory of God.

I am a mature person and consequently seek ever-greater growth within myself. My spiritual maturity comes from always taking time to do the will of God the Father through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I know the evidence of my maturity benefits everyone around me. I work with foresight. I have Jesus focused foresight because my ideas and plans are built on ideals which maintain my enthusiasm to get things done.

I have complete composure at all times. I accept challenge and arguments calmly and in good spirit. I recognize that disagreement is an inevitable outgrowth when groups of people engage in the problem solving process. I meet people easily and enjoy each new association. My deep sincerity puts people at ease and stimulates their confidence. I am sincerely interested in people. I find each new experience refreshing because each new personality I encounter has some unique quality that enriches my experience.

I am loyal to all who depend on me. I always plan my work. I organize my efforts today, for tomorrow and for the future. I work with my goals in mind. I plan ahead to get ahead. I take pride in a job well done. Accomplishment is my greatest reward. I always do more than I get paid for, so that I ultimately get paid for more than I do. I work for quality. I have the patience to do simple things perfectly and thereby strengthen my skill to do difficult things easily. I always do things, as they need to be done. I start vigorously and promptly each day on each new task. My energetic starts make me an achiever.

I know that leaders are readers. I systematically study books and magazines, which increase my earning power.

I successfully train others to do my work. I give those who help me generous credit for their accomplishments. The willing support of other people is essential to my success.

I know that I can do what I have set out to do, and I have to do what I have set out to do.

Every day my goals are nearer, because I stay on the main highway. I practice resolute self-denial and I keep my attention on my goals until I achieve them.

I am always industrious and I get things done. My attitude is always will do as well as can do.

I am calm and cheerful. I share my inner peace, happiness and love of Jesus with others.

I am a strong and powerful person because of my walk with God, and I get stronger and more powerful every day. The joy of the Lord is my strength. I have incredible strength and stamina and I achieve all goals.

I am the equal of the best of men and I get even better every day, Praise God. My worth comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus. I Praise God, and Bless the name of Jesus, and welcome the Holy Spirit into every area of my life. Thank You dear God for blessing me with Your strength, wisdom, peace, gentleness, kindness and love, and thank You for our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

by J. Craig Gandy

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