It had been a terrible day. The attacks had been so severe that I was enveloped in sadness. I could not get past how sad I felt. It was like brokenness so complete that I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I was so sad I didn’t even have the energy to talk to God.

And there was Jesus on the Cross. And He said, “I bought that sadness.” And I said, “But Lord I am so sad.” And Jesus said, “I bought that.” And I said, “But Lord.” And Jesus said, “I bought that.” And I said “But.” And the Lord said, “I bought that.” Sometimes He needs to remind us of all He did for us on the Cross. He died for it all.

The Lord shared with me many years ago about self flagellation being prideful sin against God and this again is a reminder. Jesus died for it all. He bought our sadness on the Cross. He bought our anger on the Cross. He bought our guilt on the Cross. He bought our lust and pornography and sexual perversion on the Cross. He bought our poverty on the Cross, and He bought all of our sickness on the Cross. Jesus bought it all.

All we have to do is repent and pray for the Lord Jesus to take control of whatever it is that is causing our lack of faith. Faith in the Word of God and what the Word says gives us the ammunition to fire back at the enemy when he starts telling us lies to hold us back from progressing farther in our walk with God.

The enemy, satan and his demonic horde, will steal from you, lie to you and about you, and will utterly try to destroy you if at all possible. However, if we quick to repent and we are faithful with our words and prayer, we don’t stay down nearly as long.

An example would be if I was to look at an attractive woman. Now I am a married man so admiring an attractive woman is wrong on more than one level, but say it happened. Now if I am not quick to repent of this admiring look, regardless of how innocent or not it was, I give the devil room and time to operate within me.

If I immediately say, “I’m sorry Lord.” Jesus is quick to say, “I bought that.” But if I don’t quickly repent the devil can play with my mind and emotions. The devil might make comments like, “She was pretty, or she smiled like she wanted more, you are a married man – you dirty dog, and on and on and on he will push your mind if you let the devil.

And these thoughts can go on for hours, or weeks, months or years. We have to immediately cover our minds with the Blood of the Lamb of God before enticed or immediately afterward if stumbling occurs. The longer we stay out of repentance the longer the devil has to mess with us. The devil’s goal is to separate us from the love of God. Unfortunately, many faithful people of God have allowed the devil too much time in their minds.

Whatever we need to lift to Jesus, place that care on Him. He can handle it. And He always works everything out better than we can ever imagine.

Holy Father,

I humbly come before You and thank You for Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus I thank You for Your Blood that You shed for me. You bought it all for every believer that trusts in You. Lord I am sorry for any failures that have happened in my life today, and I pray they are fewer tomorrow. Thank You for healing my sicknesses and thank You for washing all of my sins clean.

I cover my mind, my body and my entire sphere of influence with Your Blood. It is by Your Sacrifice that I am set free. I love You Lord Jesus and I love You Father God and I love You Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ name,


Just remember that Jesus bought it all. If there is any emotion you feel that is taking you out of fellowship with the Lord, Jesus bought it. We serve a wonderful Savior and a mighty King. We love You Lord Jesus.