Jonathan Christian is my wonderful gift from God. To even begin to describe how much Jonathan has blessed my life is more than I can put into words. However, I will do my best to describe the most wonderful gift God has ever given to me. My treasured Gift from God was born in April 1989; one year after my three older children were taken to Europe.

When my ex-wife took my three older children to Europe, my world fell apart. I went from being a child of light to a dreg of darkness. My heart went from over-flowing love and joy to emptiness and darkness. Without the love of my children, there was no reason to live, and I almost did not live. Death would have been a wonderful reprieve.

And then Jonathan was born, my gift from God. My heart awakened as the spark of love started to burn through the darkness of my heart. Without love, is there a reason for a father to go on? What people do not understand about men is that our capacity to love, our desire to be loved and our need for love is often misunderstood. With the advent of the feminist revolution, women have pretty well controlled the rights of our children’s future, much to the chagrin of fathers around the world.

The birth of Jonathan brought love back into my heart. I went from the darkness of depression into the light of love. Praise God. He came home from the hospital the day after his birth and his mother, Mauri, decided she wanted to go shopping the next day and all the other kids went with her. They left Jonathan and me at home alone. As soon as they left, I took Jonathan out into the backyard and lifted him to God. I sang praises to God and blessed God and thanked God for my wonderful son. For over two hours I had Jonathan lifted to God singing praises to God for having given Jonathan to me. To explain how much love that was within me would be an understatement. I sang and danced before the Lord with Jonathan lifted above my head. He and I were totally in the presence of God and the anointing of God was so pronounced that it could have been cut with a knife. That was the day I dedicated Jonathan to God. And he has truly been a gift from God.

To say the least, I was totally consumed with this little gift from God. I lifted him up in prayer, I blessed him and I praised God for him constantly. The only way he would go to sleep was for me to rock him and sing to him. So I would sing songs to Jonathan about how much I loved him and how much God loved him, making the songs up as I sang to him. I started to write them down, but they are silly love songs to Jonathan and God. And they came from my heart. I was definitely enamored with this little guy. I love him so-o-o much.

Every day of his life has added immeasurably to my love and joy of being his dad. His relationship with God is so loving and pure that this anointed child of God is special beyond compare. He is now nine years old, but the wondrous relationship we have continues to fill me with so much love that I sometimes think I am the most blessed man alive. One night he looked up at me and said, “Dad, do you know why I am such a wonderful son?” I said, “Why is that son?” And he said, “Because I have such a wonderful Dad!” How could a man not be with a son like Jonathan? He later told me he would not be such a great baseball player if I had not been his teacher and coach. Of course I think that has more to do with him than with me. He is not a big child, but he can throw and catch a baseball like a pro. I had a coach from another team ask me last year how I taught him to throw the baseball so hard. As if I could have taught him to be so wonderful. But in my usual humor I looked the coach square in the eyes and said, “Well, the first time he pulled himself up on the coffee table in the living room when he was a baby, I rolled a baseball at him. The first four or five times I did this, the baseball hit him in the face. The fifth or six time I rolled it at him he caught the ball and threw it back at me real hard, and has been throwing the ball hard ever since.” He looked at me strangely and I said, “Just Kidding.” Jonathan just loves the game. He was a baby the first time he went to a baseball game, but even the he studied the game. He never missed a play, even as a baby. Even now, while other children play at the ballpark, he is studying the game and keeping the scorebook in his head. He is pretty awesome. He loves God first, then family, then baseball. And he is an awesome player.

He was three years old when we moved next door to a little boy who became his best friend. I was a little jealous he had a best friend besides me, but I realized I had to loosen my apron strings just a little. Ha. His friend’s Dad was an Episcopalian Minister and we are a little more radical Holy Spirit filled inter-denominational types. Anyway, Jonathan was always laying hands on his friend and praying for him when he got hurt. And the prayer always worked; to such an extent the boy’s Dad started preaching about Jonathan in his church, and about the power of prayer. One day as I came home from work, the boy’s mother caught me before I went in my front door. She told me she had to tell me what had happened today. I asked her what had happened. She told me her son was on her patio playing and had fallen and cut his knee very badly and was screaming bloody murder. We had a six-foot privacy fence between our yards, but Jonathan had heard her son screaming. She said she had just gotten her son in the house when the front door bell rang. She said her son was screaming from the pain when she went to the door to see who was there, and it was Jonathan. She said he didn’t say a word he just marched right by her and went over to his friend, laid hands on him and started praying for God to take the pain away. She said her son immediately stopped crying and did not make a whimper while she bandaged his knee; and all the time Jonathan was sitting there praying for her son. She said she had to tell me how special Jonathan was, and how thankful she was for his prayers. He is a powerful prayer warrior, so at peace with God. It was during this period of time I came home early from work. I was running a high fever and was as sick as a dog. I wrapped myself in a feather blanket and was going to try to break my fever. Three hours later I awakened and was burning up. Then Jonathan asked me to play catch with the baseball. I told him I was too sick to play and he laid hands on me and started to pray. For five minutes he prayed, and his prayer was so simple and powerful. He said, God this is my dad and I love him, and I want to play baseball with him so please take this sickness away from him. While he was praying, the fever broke, and we were playing catch within fifteen minutes. What a blessing he is. When he was four God gave him a song. We were sitting on the bed watching Jamie in the backyard on the tire swing, when Jonathan looked up at me and said, “Dad, God just gave me a song.” I said, “Sing it to me son.” And this is Jonathan’s song:

I love Jesus
I love God
I love the Holy Spirit
I don’t love the devil
I don’t love the demons

Of course I was blessed beyond description, because of what he sang and because God had given him the song. My little anointed man of God. I love him so much and so does God. He is truly a wonderful son and I am so happy God selected me to be his daddy. He is the epitome of love.

I love him so much and so does his little sister. She has always loved him so much and he has always loved her more than you can imagine. He is a stickler for purity and perfection and demands high levels of morality of those around him. This sometimes makes him unpopular with other children because he will not tolerate cussing or fighting, but he knows who he is and who he is in the kingdom of God. He once was sitting watching his little sister sleeping when I came into her bedroom to check on her. I asked, “What are you doing son?” He said, “I’m just watching Jamie sleep Dad. Isn’t she beautiful? I could sit here all day looking at her. She is so-o-o pretty. I love her so much.” If I could bottle the love within him and sell it, I would make a fortune. The pure love of a child is so special and so beautiful, and Jonathan is filled with the glorious love of God.

Thank you God for this wonderful gift you have given me. I am so blessed to have Jonathan for my son. I love him, I love him, I love him; I love You God, I love You Jesus, I love You Holy Spirit. Thank You for Jonathan.