Early in 1994, I was working late one night at the Christian bookstore and no one else was in the mall, when suddenly a book just fell off of the shelf. Well I figured that either the place was haunted, or that God was trying to tell me something. I knew the place was not haunted, because I had anointed all my doors with oil, had the store covered with the Blood of Jesus and had surrounded my store with linking angels to keep all attacks of the enemy away. I had put the Holy Spirit in charge of the store, so I knew the devil had no way in to knock books off of the shelf. So I figured, in all my wisdom, that God wanted to show me something.

So I asked the Lord to show me what He wanted to share with me. He turned me in the book that had fallen off the shelf to a page and line that said, “Self flagellation is prideful sin against God.” Now I have always been, up until that point, a person that took myself a little to seriously. I know that if we are quick to repent, God is quick to forgive. However, when I would do something wrong I would ask God for forgiveness and then proceed to beat myself up over my transgression. If I snapped at my wife, yelled at the kids, or bit the dog or kicked the cat, I would beat myself up over it. If I was to busy to witness to someone, or looked at an attractive woman, or did not encourage a brother or sister in Christ, or any of the other million things we do wrong, I would ask God for forgiveness and then proceed to get down on myself and beat myself up. God really spoke to my heart that night when I read that self-flagellation is prideful sin against God. And the lesson was so simple. God said, “Do you believe that Jesus died for all of your sins and sicknesses?” And I said, “Yes Lord, of course I believe that Jesus died for all of my sins and sicknesses.” Then God asked, “Do you believe My word says to cast your cares on Me daily.” And I said, “Yes Lord. I believe Your word says to cast all of my cares on You daily.” Then God really just imbedded this into my spirit. He said, if you believe that My word says to cast all of your cares on Me, and you believe that Jesus died for, it all, then for you to take those cares back from Me and beat yourself up over them is saying to Me that what Jesus did on the Cross is not good enough for you.

And I was set free. To know that you know that you know that you know that Jesus paid the price for everything we have ever done wrong in the past, everything we do wrong now and everything we will ever do wrong in the future is freedom.

God loves us more than we can ever imagine. We are suppose to do our very best to do as Jesus did and walk in communion with God on a moment-to-moment basis. But, when we do mess up, God is quick to forgive us if we humble ourselves and ask for His forgiveness. I believe that pride is one of the greatest sins. If we cannot humble ourselves to ask forgiveness from our Creator when we stumble, then we are as dumb as they come. Praise You and Bless You Lord Jesus for dying on the Cross for us. Glory to You Holy Father God and Bless You for calling us and loving us more than we can imagine. Thank You and Bless You Holy Spirit for teaching us and guiding us into all understanding. I love You Jesus, I love You Father God and I love You Holy Spirit.