Ready to Ride Brother

It was a really awesome day today. The Lord is so glorious. Waves and waves of His glory swept over me as tears flooded my face.

I had been spending some quality time with the Lord when my mother-in-law called for Mauri. I told her Mauri and Jamie had gone over to a young lady’s house to help get it ready for her to bring her new baby home. My mother-in-law said, “Oh that’s the girl who had the premature baby.” I said yes, she is one of Mauri’s best friends; and between the time I said Mauri and best friend I got hit with the Holy Spirit. I tried to talk and whew I couldn’t speak for a couple of minutes.

Then as I went to tell Jeff what had happened I got hit again and again and again and again with the glory of God. The last three times I got hit with the glory of the Lord, the Lord Jesus was saying, “Are you ready to ride brother?” I was swept with wave after wave after wave of glory. Hallelujah.

Jesus was sitting on a white stallion with reins to His horse in His left hand. He was holding the reins to another white stallion in His right hand. As He handed me the reins to the rider less white stallion, Jesus asked me, “Ready to Ride, Brother?” Then I would get swept with glory. Each time Jesus would ask if I was ready to ride I would get swept with waves of glory and the tears would flow and flow and flow.

Jesus would show me new revelatory knowledge about my heart’s desire for the nations as well as my business plans and then He would be sitting on His stallion with the reins to my stallion in His hand asking if I was ready to ride. Each time Jesus would ask, “Ready to ride brother?” I would be swept with the glory of God and I would be overcome with tears. Glory, Hallelujah.

I am ready to ride with you Lord Jesus throughout eternity. I am ready to ride Brother!!!

So what is our lesson? Friendship with God and others is tremendously important to Jesus. When we share His love with others we bless God’s Heart as well as the heart of others through the offer of friendship. It is truly an honor to share the Lord Jesus by loving others.

And Ready to Ride Brother. Jesus is saying He is ready to ride in the desires of our heart. As we look beyond ourselves to the needs of others, God will open our eyes and hearts to what Jesus wants to do. When Jesus asks us if we are ready to go forth in this day of glory, all we need to do is tell the Lord, "Not our will, but Your will be done."

Jesus is ready to ride into the glory to glories to glories forevermore. King Jesus I want to ride at Your side throughout eternity. I love You Father, I love You Lord Jesus, and I love You Holy Spirit. Let's ride forever!!!