I met a young black woman and her mother as they shopped in my bookstore one day. They were both full of the love of God and it was a pleasure to share the Lord with them. They both had an unmatched zeal for Jesus, and they came into the store often, and we all truly enjoyed sharing our precious Savior.

One day the young woman came into the store and was very troubled. I asked her what was bothering her, and she told me about a group of Satanists who had moved into her apartment complex. She said that her spirit had been in turmoil since the first day these people had arrived. We prayed together about this situation and continued to pray together in the months to come. The prayer always helped, but her inner turmoil continued.

One evening her husband called me at the store and asked me if he could bring his wife in to see me, because he was worried about her. I said sure, please come in. He told me that night when they got to the store he wasnít sure how he would react to me. He told me he had been a little jealous of the white man his wife and mother-in-law always talked about, and that was the main reason he had never been into the store. He said after meeting me, it was hard to tell what color I was, because all he saw was the glory of God on me. I will write on this topic at another time, but in your walk with God you should reflect God and not the lusts of man.

I started to talk to this young woman and she was visibly shaken. I asked her what was bothering her and she told me of a vision she had. She told me she had been through many spiritual attacks in the weeks before this vision, and she felt the attacks were coming from these Satanists that had moved into her apartment building. She said the intensity had been so great; she had almost been unable to get up in the morning. She said she had this vision and it had so frightened her, that her husband had insisted she come in and share it with me. Here is her vision.

She was in the spirit and she had seen a doorway into hell. She said there were people standing in a long line waiting their turn to go through this doorway to hell. She said the people would fall over a cliff as they walked through the door, and fall into the pit of hell. The demons of hell were ripping and shredding these people with gnashing teeth as they fell into the pit. She said the horrors she saw were terrifying, but the sounds she heard were worse than can be imagined. She said the demons were all laughing and screaming at the people as they proceeded to tear them apart. The demons were all screaming, ďyou should have accepted Jesus, you should have accepted Jesus,Ē and the demons were laughing hysterically. She went on to say the people were screaming, ďJesus, help me. Jesus help me. Jesus, please help me.Ē She said she then saw tears falling into hell, and they were tears from Jesus and from God. And Jesus spoke, ďIím sorry, I am bound by my word.Ē She said people never stopped screaming for Jesus as the tears fell into hell, and Jesus continued to say that He was bound by His Word.

As she finished telling me her vision, she asked me what it meant when Jesus said He was bound by His word. Her tear stained face was frightened as she looked up to me asking my thoughts about her vision. I told her that what she saw was actually a vision of souls being condemned to life without God. The demons were all laughing hysterically because the people had lost their salvation by not accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior when they had the chance. The tears into hell symbolized the sadness and compassion God feels when Satan has won a soul. God loves us all, and it hurts Him when we are lost to the Kingdom forever. However, Jesus saying He is bound by His word is what the Holy Bible tells us. Once we die without having given our lives to Jesus, He then is bound by His word to be apart from us forever. We have our chance to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and be washed in His precious blood, but if we turn away from Salvation we belong to the devil. This is why the souls she saw were being tormented by the demons.

The Word of God, the Holy Bible, shows us the way to the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ is the Way. We must realize we are sinful beings and we need a Savior. We accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and repent of our sins and have faith we are Godís children. God is quick to forgive when we are quick to ask. What saddens me is that lukewarm leaders who would rather scratch itchy ears than preach the Word of God are deceiving us Christians. Godís Word is very specific in every important area of our lives. To wink at sin is to wait in line at the gate of hell. Teachers, preachers and leaders are held to a higher level of accountability for what they say, than are the normal population. Jesus says that many will come to Him and say they cast out demons in His name, and Jesus says that He knew them not. Jesus was not politically correct in His day, and I personally do not believe He thinks it is cute when a pastor, preacher, etc., would rather be politically correct than preach the truth as it is written in the Bible. The moral decline in civilization starts at the top. With weak, politically correct men and women of God at the helm, the decline will continue. It is time to call sin what it is, and that is that sin is sin. The Word of God says it is time to change our ways and repent of our sins.

Are our leaders calling sin what it is? Are we parents teaching our children what sin is? Are we so busy winking at sin, that we donít see sin for what it is? Is adultery so pronounced that it is commonplace, and not to be viewed as sin anymore? Is homosexuality all right with God, because it is so politically correct with men? Are people being told what they want to hear, because we leaders are afraid to speak the truth? A pastor recently was very evasive when asked his opinion on homosexuality. He said it was a chemical imbalance in the brain, it was inherited, it was an outcome of environment, and some other nonsense answers. He went on to say many people would condemn homosexuality unless it touched someone close to you, then it becomes more accepted because it is someone close to you. Hogwash. Sin is sin, regardless of what that sin is. The Bible teaches that sin, without repentance leads to death. If the Bible says an act is sin, perhaps we should abstain from that act if we want to live for eternity in the presence of God. We make conscious decisions everyday whether or not to sin. The problem with sin is that the first time a person commits a particular sin they are burdened with guilt, the second time the guilt is less pronounced until a person is eventually calloused to the sin. Then that person wants to be told they are okay in Godís eyes by the men or women that profess they to be representatives of God. I sure am glad I am not in their shoes. If a leader condones sin by not calling sin what it is, then that leader better watch out for his/her own soul. If God tells a leader to confront an individual about his sin, and the leader does not do it, then the leader is held accountable for that personís sin. If the leader does as God says and tells the sinner he is sinning, and the sinner continues to sin, the leader is not held accountable for that personís sin, that individual is held accountable for his own sin.

Adultery is sin. Homosexuality is sin. If a man says he must have multiple female partners because of a chemical imbalance within him, or a homosexual says they must have a partner of the same sex, regardless of the reason, they are both wrong. Both lifestyles are sinful, and the individuals committing the acts are committing sin. If a sinner can convince a leader of the body of Christ to condone these sinful activities, then that leader is destroying his or her own soul. Believing Jesus is the Son of God will not be the only way to get into heaven. Even the demons of hell believe Jesus is the Son of God. Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and inviting Him into your heart to clean all the areas of filth in your life, and repenting of your sins is our first step in securing our Salvation. If we want to sin every night and twice on Saturday, will it appease God if we make half-hearted efforts at repentance? I think we will become so calloused after a while, that we will not even have the ability to sincerely repent before the Lord. We must turn wholeheartedly away from our sin and ask Godís forgiveness. Only by sincerely seeking and searching for forgiveness, can we go forward in our walk with God. God knows our hearts, sinners know their hearts, and the leaders of the body of Christ need to know their own hearts too.

Leaders, why are you preaching lukewarm Christianity? Why are you allowing sin in your body of believers? God loves the sinner, but He hates the sin. Do your followers a favor, and tell them when they are wrong, when sin is sin, and help them save their souls. You leaders are doing no one any favors by condoning sin and speaking to itchy ears. Be the leader God called you to be, or get out of the way. The body of Christ does not need leaders that condone sin. If a sinner comes into your midst, invite them in. Donít condone their sin but call it what it is. Do not be afraid of hurting someoneís feelings by preaching the Word of God, even when it is not politically correct. Your followers will appreciate knowing the correct understanding of the Word of God. And if they leave and take their tithes with them, know that it will not destroy your soul by allowing them to go. Stand on the Word of God and you canít go wrong. The sea might not always be calm, but know that Jesus gave us the anointing to speak to those unruly waters. Walk in strength of knowing who you are in Christ. Know that God wants us to do our best to live according to the teachings in His Holy Bible. And know your position in heaven is assured if you are doing what God has you to do.

I love You Jesus, I love You Father God, and I love You Holy Spirit. Please guide us into all understanding. Help us reach the lost with Your saving grace. Help us humbly lead Your body into the understanding of Your Word. Help us to chastise with love and kindness, and allow Your boldness to be within us when needed. I love You.