Learn the New Sony Camera - HXR NX5U - Video.

Instruction Manuel

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Sony Z5

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Recording on the Sony HDV-Z5

Recording on the Sony Z5


Instruction on the Sony HDV-Z1

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Understanding Color Temperature

Symbol for white balance.


Iris is the amount of light in the camera.

Zebra tells you what parts of the image are over exposed.

Zebra and more on lighting

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What is video gain?
Gain is an electronic amplification of the video signal. This means that the signal is boosted electronically, adding more voltage to the pixels on your imager (CCD or CMOS) causing them to get amplify their intensity and therefore brighten your image. This voltage increase is measured in decibels (dB) and is calculated using this equation.


Short, Medium and Long Shots

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48+ phantum power sound


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