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Before J. Craig Gandy came to Austin in 1985 he heard Austin dubbed as the Third Coast. However once he experienced living in Austin he said "Austin is the FIRST COAST". First Coast means THE BEST or THE LEADER. And Austin is the leader around the world in Arts, Entertainment, Technology and Publishing! CLICK HERE for JCI-First Coast Publishing

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JCI-First Coast reports events in the Austin area. We specialize in reporting and filming family fun and entertainment that is affordable or free. We promote Christian events through JCI Ministries that encourages unity among the churches. Our "Gandy Dancers" team reviews movies at the theaters and new release DVDS. We also send our team out to review restaurants and tourism spots in the Central Texas area.

CLICK HERE to watch the August 30th Music Entertainment Memorial for J. Craig Gandy on his birthday.

Superhero from Lauren Silva on Vimeo.

Summer Special from mauri gandy on Vimeo.

Downtown Austin Tour with Elaine Glass of Rose Carriage.     CLICK HERE for more information on First Coast Summer Special.

FCTTwebbercook136b from Craig Gandy's Cooking Show on Vimeo.

Dinner and a Movie CLICK HERE for more information.

Austin's newest Music Art - Click on the picture to find the songs to the first 10 belts on the far East side of Austin's new Boardwalk on Lady Bird Trail. We will be going back to find the rest of the belts. There are 36 along the rails. I love hunts like this. Do you remember when Jamie and I filmed TV programs with the pianos from "Play Me Austin" and the artistic Cow Parade that benefited Dell Children's Medical Center?

2 Hour Schizencephaly Awareness Music Concert Special with Lauren Silva & Clay Campania

A Walk Down Lady Bird Trail with Gideon & Esther
Watch our front windshield being replaced by Campus Auto Glass

Day Trips

Last year we filmed a Day Trip to Bastrop. This year we filmed a Day Trip to Manor. The production is in it's final edit stage. We still have room for another sponsor for this special program.


Our own Gideon, the famous TV dog is on the cover of the calendar of Austin German Shepherd Rescue.org
National Day of Prayer Austin Freedom Dinner with Senator Brian Birdwell

Austin Favorite Places & History

Pluger Bridge   


Rock Climbing at Barton Greenbelt at Zilker Park.

Philospher's Rock history of three friends in Austin.

Austin Texas Praise & Poetry- Special Entertainment Events around Austin

National Day of Prayer - Weekly Spring Series on Tuesdays from 7 to 8 PM with Nick Vujicic

Both programs started as spring television programs produced by Jamie Gandy

Mauri Gandy started producing television programs on Channel Austin in June 2009 and in three years she has produced and aired over 300 programs. Our current television projects include:

*   JCI Live Austin weekly television series that airs on Thursdays from 8 to 9 PM on Channel 11.

*   JCI Ministries - Touching the hearts of Christians in Unity.

*   JCI First Coast - Travel and Tourism; Entertainment and Events

*   JCI World News - Reporting news and events happening around the World with commentaries by J. Craig Gandy.

*   Rainbow Castle - Special Programs for Children and Families.

CLICK HERE for FIRST COAST TRAVEL & TOURISM list of reviews and filming at Restaurants, Hotels & Businesses.

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"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4
Limited version of slide show, Copyright GD

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