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"Where the Eagles Gather"
JCI History

J. Craig International was formed on December 4, 1987 by Joel Craig Gandy. Our Initial Statement of Purpose for JCI was to market products and services to a national and international marketplace, with our primary focus in the areas of marketing, publishing, entertainment and technology.

JCI utilizes the services of several organizations and consultants, each an expert in their own arena. JCI subscribes to the philosophy of integrating highly talented professionals into a dynamic centralized body. We believe this is the most efficient and logical structure to maintain. Such a structure enables us to keep regularly informed of the latest developments worldwide in finance, entertainment, law, real estate, energy, publishing, technology and other industries.

JCI emphasizes developing strategic long-term relationships across industries. As technologies advance and become intertwined with one another, very few companies have the skill or expertise needed to bring products to market in a timely and cost effective manner. By understanding the relationships between varied industries, a visionary leader can help benefit organizations. Large companies benefit by gaining a window on new ideas, while small companies benefit by acquiring credibility when they link up with large companies. We believe our positioning strategy helps us achieve a unique presence in the marketplace.

JCI creates an effective business plan and loan package, develops the right marketing plan and then presents the plan for capital acquisition to the right investment groups. We expect the relationships we establish to be mutually rewarding and we will always serve your best interests by putting a solid, experienced, trained and knowledgeable team to Work For You.

Our first promotion was in Austin, Texas during the period October to December 1987. What we accomplished during this promotion was to raise consumer awareness about non-profit organizations in Austin, Texas. I promoted with a different radio station and non-profit organization every week for a two and a half month period. We raised over one hundred thousand dollars in free radio, newspaper and television advertising and gave away more than twenty thousand dollars worth of free prizes. This started because I had the desire to promote the AMC Southwood Theater, and I looked at ways everyone could benefit. (With the help of Craig's promotions Jaycees of Austin won Outstanding Jaycee Chapter of the World in 1987.)

The promotions were a great success and all the organizations benefited from the positive exposure they received from the promotion. I won Division and National promotion honors from American Multi Cinema, and all participants gained excellent public exposure. The year 1987 is still remembered as the most giving year in the history of Austin, Texas. I promoted with many different organizations as we all attempted to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. We all benefited from the opportunity to work together and give of ourselves to make life better for others.

We promoted with the following organizations in our first promotion.
1. Golden Life Fitness Centers
2. American Multi-Cinema
3. National Cinema Network
4. Austin Jaycees
5. Blue Santa Publicity Committee
6. K-98 Radio
7. B-93 Radio 9. KASE 101
10. Austin Child Guidance Center
11. Samuel Goldwyn Company
12. Network Channel 7
13. Junior League of Austin
14. Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Austin
15. FM 88.1 KNLE radio
16. Capital Area Food Bank
17. KTXZ radio – Ernie Reyes
18. South Austin Youth Service Center
19. Austin Cablevision – “Capital View: An Eye on Austin”
20. Just for Kids Magazine
21. Z102 Radio
22. Teenage Parent Council
23. Austin Children’s Museum
24. Whole Foods
25. Thirteen Churches

VIDSYNC, INC. 1988 - 1990

In February 1988, I had the opportunity to market an exciting new technological product for a company called Vidsync, Inc., a California corporation. The film and music breakthroughs were breathtaking. This company had developed groundbreaking skip technology in the high definition television (HDTV) arena. With virtually no information available at the time to prepare a marketing plan, the research was extensive in preparing this lucrative international marketing plan. I identified an estimated two hundred billion-dollar per year industry. This industry is still in its infancy, twenty years later, but the opportunities abound. A news article in the summer of 1999 stated that high definition television manufacturers still do not know how to market the technology. In 1990, with one hundred million dollars on the table, one patent in one Eastern European country had not been secured and the project closed. In 1998, this Eastern European country joined the international patenting community in honoring the patenting processes of other countries, so this is a company I believe has reached the stage to move forward in this lucrative arena.

The following is part of a news release by JCI dated February 23, 1988.

J. Craig International announces the joint venture with Vidsync, Inc., to market a revolutionary technology. The process involves a holographic laser technique to imprint a three-dimensional image onto film. Projectors currently in use, can project the three-dimensional image onto film, which an audience can see with the naked eye, no special glasses needed.

“If you can imagine a movie filmed in perfect focus to infinity,” says Mr. Gandy, “then you begin to realize the beauty of what we are working with.”

Along with the image comes a three-dimensional sound. “Listening to ‘holographic’ sound took me to a realm of sound I have never heard before,” says Mr. Gandy.

The founders of this technology invented the process ten years ago, and have spent the last seven years patenting the process in every free nation in the world. The twin brothers have chosen J. Craig International to be the first promoters of the process, with Austin, Texas as the first market.

The licensing agreement with JCI transfers rights for holographic 3-D generation of video signals for local television, both programming and commercials, and for conversion of local cable and broadcast systems to 3-D holographic signal processing. JCI initially plans to shoot a demonstration film in Austin, Texas, which will flaunt the striking qualities of the process. “My partners shot a segment of scenery out of their van window in Washington, DC,” says Mr. Gandy. They were sitting in front of a park, with a small lake behind the park, and a white tower on the far side of the lake. The wind was blowing that day and this is what they filmed.

“The lens of the camera was six inches away from the rear view mirror on the passenger door of the van. The first image in perfect focus was the rear view mirror and a dead bug hanging off the edge of the mirror. The dead bug’s dislodged eye was even in perfect focus. The next image was of grass in the park blowing in the wind. Each individual blade of grass was in perfect focus. The next image was a tree in the middle of the park. It was in perfect focus as were the leaves on the trees, to and including the veins in the leaves of the trees. On the far side of the park white caps were rippling across the lake. The individual droplets of water coming off the ends of the whitecaps were in perfect focus. On the far side of the lake the white tower was in perfect focus to such an extent you could count the individual bricks in the tower.”

The demonstration film will take advantage of this purity of depth by employing a dance company on a mountainside above the city, as well as dazzle the audience with he three-dimensional effects of strobe lights in a nightclub. All throughout, three-dimensional music will compliment this three-dimensional spectacle.

Music videos will form JCI’s primary target for the next few weeks, utilizing the fast-growing music scene in Austin, Texas. Television commercials are another target, to be handled JCI’s Executive Vice President Mauri Davenport. JCI is still accepting screenplays for the first feature film utilizing Vidsync’s three-dimensional process to go into production by late spring. Vidsync is also negotiating with Paramount, Twentieth-Century Fox, European film producers and cable television companies. A recent meeting between CNN and Vidsync that was to have lasted fifteen minutes was expanded to half of a day.

Licensing agreements between Vidsync and JCI involve the rental of the camera and editing systems to local producers; Vidsync processing for a communications network utilizing K-Band satellite systems; distribution of holographic printing process via posters, periodicals, T-shirts, etc.; and the franchise rights for electronic 3-D theaters as well as 3-D Audio and Video stores.

“This joint venture with Vidsync makes Austin, Texas the Flagship City for the rest of the world in 3-D holographic processing,” says Mr. Gandy. “Our mission: To make Austin, Texas, the entertainment capital of the world.”

The next two and a half years of preparation and coordination resulted in JCI landing a contract to market the Saturn Awards Show utilizing this film technology and Dick Clark Productions, Inc. was to have produced the show. We also met with Sony’ Entertainment engineers to let them test the holographic equipment. Sony had two HDTV cameras in the United States at the time. One camera was in New York and the other was in Los Angeles. The Sony engineers were astonished when they saw the High Definition Holovidics. They could not believe their eyes. HDH had the same high definition clarity on screen as HDTV, plus dimension. Data-Com Micro-Broadcasting was to have provided satellite communications.

To close the project because one patent was not approved in one country was difficult financially at the time, however there are phenomenal opportunities in the tremendously lucrative arena of high definition technology.


POSITIVE, Inc. was formed to provide service to companies marketing products and services utilizing 1-900 telephone numbers. I set up this corporation as a Nevada corporation and we initially conducted personal opinion surveys on controversial issues for the American War against Drugs. The door of opportunity was just opening for the 900-order line. Our goal was to market products and create new markets for many companies. I controlled thirty-five percent of the stock of this five million dollar startup company, for the work I had done for the company, and was to be the Secretary of the Corporation. However on the day of the stock issue, I found out one of the board members who was to have received five percent of the stock, was not included in the original stock issue. The two other members of the corporation did not want to include the fourth member, so I resigned from this corporation. I lost a lot of money, but money can’t buy integrity. The Security and Exchange Commission investigated this company in 1991, so I was glad I left.


In 1989 I contracted with a company to write a plan for in-home marketing. This company had the desire to sell a product into the homes of consumers and the owner was thinking of financing this product. I established the marketing system for the company, however they were unable to fulfill their contract and we parted company.

However, this gave me the idea for an in-home marketing force that could revolutionize how product is sold and delivered. I wrote a business plan that received tremendous response. The President of one organization believed he would have close to one hundred percent participation from his members at a cost of five hundred dollars each. And he had two hundred thousand members in his organization. My CFO died during the finalization of this project, and it has set on a shelf ever since. This package is ready, and it has evolved into a membership club that will reach right into consumer’s homes in over ten thousand cities worldwide.


J. Craig International and International Entertainment, Inc. of Beverly Hills, CA entered into a joint venture to market the 17th Annual Saturn Awards. This was the year The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films was to embark on its journey into the nineties. For the first time, the show was to utilize a 900-telephone number to poll the opinions of the American public. Dick Clark Productions, Inc. was to have produced the show that was to be carried on FOX television. INI Entertainment Group, Inc. was to have handled foreign and domestic distribution.

Through national advertisements, the public was to be invited to call the assigned 900 telephone number to vote for their “Favorite Actor,” “Favorite Actress” and “Favorite Film” in the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror categories. The callers were to be eligible for a variety of prizes. Every 25th caller was to receive T-shirts, posters and other promotional items from one of the most popular films. Each caller was to become eligible for larger prizes, which included trips to Disneyland and a 1991 Jeep Cherokee. Ten percent of the profits were to be donated to the Vietnam Veterans Aid Foundation and to the Comic Relief. This was to be the first prime time production to utilize high definition Holovidics technology. The second stage of funding did not happen and the project closed.


Tele-Market, Inc. is a Nevada Corporation formed to market via the popular 900 telephone lines. We marketed two personal opinion questions via cable programming and had moderate success. The topics were on hot issues to incite viewers to vote, and the results were furnished to Congressional Representatives, State Senators and State Governors.

JCI PRODUCTIONS, INC. 1992 - Present

JCI Productions, Inc. is a Texas Corporation created to market corporate videos, infomercials and entertainment related products. Initially our focus was to market Tele-Market, Inc. in a personal opinion poll. We produced the television commercials and also handled all advertising. We also created this company to promote an international day of prayer for Killeen, Texas.

On the 16th day of October 1991 the most devastating mass murder in the history of the United States of America occurred in Killeen, Texas at the local Luby’s Restaurant. I read an article about a month before the one-year anniversary date that stated the community where the McDonald’s shooting had occurred had never healed from the shooting. I decided to promote an International Day of Prayer for Killeen, Texas. We had churches, publishers and individuals from around the world praying for healing for Killeen, Texas. The promotion culminated on the anniversary day of the shooting and the results were beyond what I was able to orchestrate. As we were setting up the sound equipment to promote a Songfest on the anniversary day, we were in an amphitheater by the Luby’s Memorial Site. Ten of us were there when the Secret Service Limousine’s pulled into the parking lot. Vice President Dan Quayle stepped out of the car and brought a dozen white flowers to lie on the memorial site. As he laid the flowers on the memorial site, he fell to his knees in prayer. A world of prayer had accomplished miracles in Killeen, Texas.

This corporation was also our first company to market products and services to the federal government via the Internet. In 1993 we saw the phenomenal opportunity that was unfolding before us in the area of electronic commerce. As an employee of the Zondervan Corporation and Family Bookstores I suggested they sell products via the Internet. Of course my goal was to sell to the government via the Internet, but as I started opening doors to other publishers I realized none of them saw the incredible opportunity they had to sell their products over the Internet. Three government installations were online in those beginning months, as the system was being tested, and some weeks produced only one request for quotation from the government via the Internet. The project closed because Family Bookstores did not believe it was going to be a profitable operation. I left employment to start my own business to market with the government via the Internet. We were in black ink our second month of operation. Amazon.com started their business eight months later.

Publishers continued to want me to represent their companies to an electronic marketplace and to the government, however it was slow going. I started marketing to the government with no money and no credit, and I began developing relationships with government contracting officers worldwide. The response was amazing. Publishers were willing to pay two thousand dollars a page to advertise their products in our sales catalog and they were excited about the opportunity to direct market to twelve thousand identified decision makers with one hundred million dollars at their disposal. During this period of time we started a retail bookstore, Beacon of Light Christian Storehouse, Inc., and bought a mail and packaging company, EZ Mail & More.

By the fall of 1995 we were set up to mass market to government offices worldwide. We were selling products to fourteen military installations and we had just finished a direct market test to military chaplains worldwide. And their response was beyond our greatest expectations. Unfortunately, we bought Christmas inventory in September of 1995, and the government had a budget freeze the next month. By the time they finalized the budget months later we were out of business. The timing was right, but a lack of resources stopped us.


JCI MINISTRIES 1992- Present

JCI Ministries was formed to help the poor and hopeless better themselves. We found that some people need more than a handout; they need a hand up. We helped homeless organizations; food organizations and many other non-profit organizations do good things in the community. JCI Ministries receives ten percent of all profits of all other JCI ventures.


Beacon of Light is a Texas Corporation formed to sell Christian products. Working in conjunction with JCI Productions, Inc., our sales were projected to be close to two million dollars in fiscal year 1996. A market was identified that had an available annual budget of one hundred to one hundred and fifty million dollars per year, with limited competition. We had decision-makers from around the world sending us letters thanking us for thinking of Americans so far from home. This made going out of business even harder because of the government budget freeze of fiscal year 1996. When the government places an order, they make payment. They might be slow, but you eventually get paid. Unfortunately, we could not wait any longer. This market still has great opportunities.


We published a Christian Business Directory for Central Texas. The cities included in the book were Killeen, Copperas Cove, Kempner, Lampasas, Belton, Temple and Ft. Hood, Texas. Distribution was twenty-five thousand. We also served as Sales Managers for the production of the Waco, TX Shepherd’s Guide with distribution of 25,000.


This was a joint venture to market to the government. I set the system in place and trained my partner’s sons to run the business. He and I parted company because he was not immediately seeing huge returns. However we were winning at a four-percent rate and bid on thirty three million dollars worth of government contracts between January and March 1999. The government needs one million businesses to sell products and services to it, and around one hundred thousand are online. This is the reason I started writing the manual about how to do business with the government.


Just 4 Kids magazine has been extremely popular on the Internet. As many as sixty thousand visitors per month look to this popular faith based magazine as a source of information for their families. We feel that making this magazine a monthly hard copy will get even more pages read.

Other items we publish include numerous children’s books and magazines. We also plan on publishing an instruction manual “How to do Business with the Government” which is loaded with all the information you need to open your first business, to what you need to do to service your first million dollar contract. This comprehensive package includes everything needed to register to do business with government. It has a sample Articles of Incorporation and sample Bylaws of a Corporation. It includes forms needed for your business and corporation, plus a list of hundreds of venture capitalists. It includes a sample prospectus and an extensive loan package, and it also includes points of contact within government to help your business grow.


JCI World Corp. was created to tie together all of the experiences we have gathered over the past forty plus years. We believe we have the strategy in place to reach into homes and businesses in neighborhoods in over 10,000 cities worldwide. Our desire is to identify the needs of the individuals and businesses in these communities and service those needs with products and services from participating organizations. We believe we can make a difference in the lives of many people as we reach into homes in neighborhoods throughout the country.

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"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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