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"Where the Eagles Gather"
JCI World Corporation is a Christian family owned company. We believe Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, and we believe what Jesus told us in the Holy Bible about the two greatest commandments. The first and great commandment is that we should love the Lord our God with all of our heart and all of our soul and all of our mind, and we should love our neighbor as ourselves. We pray God blesses the works of our hands.

Our vision is big, yet we believe we have a strategy that will allow us the opportunity to reach into homes, businesses and communities throughout the Americas, and the world. And it all started with a sincere desire to help people. As we started looking at ways we could reach the individual consumer to offer help if needed (through Ministries), or products and services if wanted (through Marketing), we identified a method to reach into homes in neighborhoods in over ten thousand communities worldwide. And the opportunity to deliver products and services worldwide in a cost effective manner has never been better. We believe with our insight and understanding of the marketplace, we will touch lives in a powerful way.

JCI World Corporation utilizes strategies that are new, innovative and in step with the many changes affecting markets and industries worldwide. JCI emphasizes building relationships as we reach into communities around the world to represent products and services into the homes of consumers, the offices of business and into the corridors of government. The opportunity to provide service to members worldwide is truly exciting, and we will make a tremendous difference for the companies we represent and the individuals we serve.

JCI World Investments

JCI World Investments looks at opportunities worldwide. One advantage we have in this arena is an extensive background in identifying projects in varying industries that have a tremendous amount of potential.

JCI Global Marketing

Marketing has always been an exciting field because you are at the forefront of knowing the needs and wants of people around the world. And now, we are entering the most exhilarating period in the history of modern day marketing. The convergence of industries has opened a window of opportunity that is more magnificent than any we have ever seen before. Our desire to create an organization that excels in the offering of service to our individual, business and government customers, has prepared us to create an enterprise that is unprecedented in scope and vision.

JCI Ministries

The purpose of this organization is to help the poor, homeless and hungry, and the organizations that support them. JCI Ministries utilizes a network of resources to help individuals, families and communities. We believe we know how to effectively tie together the resources, organizations and churches necessary to make a powerful contribution to positively impact communities throughout the world.

The above video was filmed during the end of 2009. Since this video was made JCI Productions has produced over 635 television programs. Our JCI Programs have averaged airing over 200 times each month during 2012. For more information go to JCI-Productions.com

"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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