During Christmas 2018 a man in Austin noticed a beautiful white cat roaming the cold streets alone. After seeing that she was pregnant he took her in to the Austin Animal Center. APA was called and the nursery contacted their list of fosters on New Year's Day.

We have been watching for a new foster mommy cat, and we were the first to say "YES"! We picked her up that very day.

  January 4th - Anna gave birth to three precious kittens while no one was home. She had them under my mother's bed.

  January 11th - We took Bjorn Ironside to APA Nursery in the evening during the rain.

  January 13th - We took Beryl Grey & Blazing Dancer to APA Nursery

  January 14th- Sad news of passing of Beryl Grey & Bjorn Ironside

  January 16th- Sad news of passing of Blazing Dancer.

  January 24th 6 PM - Anna appointment for shot at APA

  After the passing of Anna's precious kittens, Beryl Grey, Bjorn Ironside, and Blazing Dancer, I commissioned a friend of mine to do the image I had in my head after they passed away. As I was crying that night I remember seeing as clear as day Peace up in heaven with these three kittens, and he was telling me. "Don't worry mama, I have them. I will watch over them now." I asked my friend to bring that image to life for me, and she did so perfectly. The kitten on Peace's ear is Beryl.

  Fosters of Peace - January 18 at 1:57 AM ·

It is so wonderful to see sweet Anna playing like a kitten. Between the passing of her kittens and her sickness, she has been depressed. Today she seems to be feeling better, physically as well as emotionally. She is such a lovebug, and so beautiful. Even though she's been strictly separate from my animals, she's seen/heared them through the door. I think once she's better she's going to get along good with cats and dogs (hopefully).

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January 23 at 2:13 PM · APA-A-66769

Anna is a Siamese mix (I'd guess a Snow Shoe) who is estimated to be two to three years old. She is an incredibly sweet cat that adores to be around her people.

When she came into foster she was VERY pregnant and three days later she gave birth to three precious kittens. Unfortunately, Anna came down with a nasty URI, which her kittens ended up catching. Everything was done to help get the kittens better, but their illness got a lot worse, and all three (Bjorn Ironside, Blazing Dancer and Beryl Grey) passed away at only ten days old.

Anna was brokenhearted! Her kittens were taken away from her a couple days before they passed away, so she didn't get to say goodbye. She didn't understand where her kittens went. She would cry over and over, until finally, days later, she started to realize she wouldn't get a response.

Eventually she came around, and her illness began to improve. There is so much life still dwelling inside her, edger for love and a lifetime devotion.

This remarkable, strong, big hearted feline is now looking for a forever home that will treasure her for the rest of her life. She has endured so much loss, so much brokenness, that she truly deserves the chance to know nothing else but unconditional love from here on out.

We have all felt hurt, have felt betrayed or broken, that it has left a scar that makes us jaded towards others. Anna has dealt with so much, yet she continues to keep her heart wide open. Willing to love again, ready to be loved again. If you can truly commit to making this life long decision, please reach out to meet this beautiful girl.

  Fosters of Peace ~ January 31 at 9:11 PM ·

On Monday Anna was spayed, which means she is now officially ready for adoption!

She isn't looking for just any home though, she is looking for a family that will commit to loving her and providing for her for the REST of her life. She is looking for a real FOREVER home! If you can't commit to the next 15 plus years of your life to spending it with her, through the good and the bad, then she is not meant for you.

Anna has gone through so much, she deserves to know what true love and devotion look like!

If you think you are that perfect family for her, we can set up a meet and greet with her!

  February 7 at 8:44 PM ·

Anna just had a possible adopter come out to meet her. The lady is VERY interested, but she wants to sleep on it before going to adopt. She's pretty sure she's going to feel the same in the morning.

  February 8 at 7:28 PM ·

Happy tails!!!!!

Anna has officially been adopted!

She will remain here until Thursday when her new forever family can bring her home!!!

How perfect also that Anna will be going to her forever home tomorrow night, on Valentine's day.

Excuse me while I go cry.

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