I was looking through some old pictures and noticed these two. The brown tabby female is my girl, Faith. My darling that came into my life when I was five. She's the grandmother of Peace, and great grandmother of Star. In this picture I'm probably seven.

The second picture is of me with my best friend when I was a child. My Hope. Gosh he was the smartest and bravest cat to ever walk this earth. And his compacity to love was far greater than 99% of people. As much as I love German Shepherds, and as intelligent as the breed is, Hope could out smart ALL of them. You may laugh at the thought, but had you met Hope he would have showed you first hand.

He wasn't a normal cat, he was extraordinary. There was one time when i was around eight years old, that I got really sick. With a kidney infection which spiked my temperature. For over a week I was bed ridden and COMPLETELY miserable. It was truly pitiful. During the whole thing Hope wouldn't leave my side. I'm sure my dad fed him and surely he relieved himself, but so infrequently because he didn't want to leave me. My every waking moment my Hope was there. Protecting me, loving me, and doing his every best to help my dad get me better and watch over me. I could tell so many stories of him. Peace's daddy was truly one of a kind, and taught his boy everything he knew about taking care of me.

He died WAY too soon in life, because of his undying love and his great need to keep his family safe. A sick cat started coming around our appointment, and Hope took it upon himself to keep the treat away from us. In doing so he was infected with the cat's illness... feline aids. It was horrible.

My best friend started to lose so much weight, and the vets couldn't cure him of the disease. He was able to spend his last months raising his boy, teaching him and loving him. Loving me even while his body failed.


One day, I was ten years old, Peace was only a few months old, Hope took his very last breath while being held in my arms. I remember lying on the laundry room floor with Hope on a towel, cuddling him.

Fifteen and a half years later, the pain of his passing still makes me cry. Just typing this memory out makes tears run down my face. I was blessed with Faith, blessed with Angel, blessed oh so much with Hope and with my Guardian Peace. Each of these amazing cats played a vital role in my up bringing. I would not be the person I am today without my father allowing me to have them in my lives.

My Peace... with each picture I look at while creating his book, it reminds me over and over of his absence. It hurts...I can't even put words to how deep and infinite this pain goes. I miss him with every single beat of my hesrt... the way I miss my daddy. They were my everything. .. they are my everything.

From Faith and me (1999ish)to her great granddaughter Star with me (2017) Knight isn't part of the lineage (though it is possible that somehow he could be) I wanted to add his pic of him and me too.