I love to play softball.
If you would like to join "The Believers" Softball Team for the fall of 2006 email me at jamie_gandy@yahoo.com. We are an ASA Select team in the Austin area. Our team members are girls ages 12 to 15 years. We love to play softball and love Jesus Christ. Our goal is to meet once a week for fellowship, Bible study and softball practice. We will play in fall tournaments in the Austin, Texas area. For More information CLICK HERE

Information on the 2006 All Star Book can be found by CLICKING HERE

I love horses. I want to be a horse whisperer.

I am a writer for Just 4 Kids Magazine.com.
I enjoy baking. You can find some of my favorite recipes at Jamie's Kitchen.

I am a daughter of purity. I am living the pure, passionate, joyful, and victorious life that God calls every young lady to experience. I made a commitment a few years ago, and wear a silver ring on my left ring finger to remind myself of my commitment to God to Wait for marriage.
Read this Story on Abstinence

My favorite charity is Feed The Children.

My Favorite Radio Program is Delilah on 95.5 FM

My older sister, Jennifer Burnell played on the Balcones R.A.G.E. Softball. They were Sectional winners and advanced to the Nationals Softball Tournament in 2003. My oldest sister, Christina Burnell was MVP, and won the "Big Stick" Award at Ellison High School in Killeen, TX. You can read her newspaper article HERE. She received a Softball Scholarship from Cisco Jr. College, and was an All Regional Player. Her Profile is HERE.

I am the youngest of a blended family of ten children. Nine of us are proud to have played on All Star (Baseball/Softball) Teams in the Central Texas area. Including: Austin, Marble Falls, Killeen, Belton and Leander/Cedar Park. I am an Aunt to ten nieces and nephews. Five of them have already played baseball/softball, and 2 of my nieces have played on All Star teams for Round Rock and Manor. My dad has been our inspiration and coach. He is really awesome, and we all love him.

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Note from Dad
Favorite Poems:

Brothers by Jamie Gandy

Music by Islandstar