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JCI Entity Finance and Funding, LTD.

    JCI Entity Finance and Funding is a project we believe will have enormous success. The investment dollars will be used to set up infrastructure and equipment, hire and train personnel, and finalize marketing materials. One of our goals is to create a Finance Membership Club. We want our members to receive the best rates for money resources in the world, and we believe we will serve the needs of many who already have banking relationships as well as the $1.4 Trillion market of un-banked individuals. Whenever a member of our club is making a purchase, and they desire financing, we access our worldwide network of lenders and match our members with the best interest rates.

    We believe we can co-promote our finance club within the JCI family. We feel we will have many opportunities to add members to our finance club. Our members can use the club services for their own personal use, as well as for the benefit of their business. The government needs millions of small businesses on the Internet marketing to them, and many will need financing. Over five hundred thousand opportunity seekers are seeking legitimate business opportunities every month, so we feel we will have a great opportunity to service their needs too. We will use a concentrated direct mail campaign that will produce excellent results, as well as an In-Home Marketing strategy that should excel.

    When we first decided to market our finance club, direct into the home, we realized the tremendous opportunity to provide total financial planning and money management to individuals and businesses. The advancements made in financial services, technology and the Internet, combined with direct marketing muscle, have opened an awesome window of opportunity.

    Any time technological change has the potential to move information more efficiently and quickly it poses a threat to those using the old technologies. The Internet has the potential to be an astounding influence on the world’s financial institutions. The Internet is already being used to offer a host of financial products and services. Deposits and loans are already online and available, and so are virtually all other financial products and services, from insurance to mutual funds. Non-banks are using the Internet to develop electronic funds transfer capabilities in order to take a portion of the funds transfer business away from the depositories that currently control the majority of it. Other firms are going after the traditional broker/dealer, by developing web-based security exchanges. We feel there are opportunities in each of these arenas as well as many others.

    We believe cell phone usage with chips in the phone combined with our JCI Entity Card will open huge doors of opportunity. Micro-lending programs as well as education of small business owners will open even more doors of opportunity. Recent banking studies have identified a $1.4 Trillion dollar market of un-banked individuals in the USA. We believe these people have waited for a company that looks past its bottom line to do the things that are right and honorable to do. I believe people want to do business with an honorable company, and we want to be the company to take care of all of their needs. It is all about treating people like you want to be treated. Let us enjoy life together as we grow together and reach into the homes and businesses in communities around the world to help people in need. I believe JCI can earn the trust of our customers as we grow together to build a better tomorrow.

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