JCI Live Christian Talk show on Sundays 1 pm channel 11 or on the internet in HD at https://www.austinpublicaccess.org/watch/streaming11 This Sunday February 19th 2017
Our program will begin with Mauri talking about the church uniting during this time in our countries unrest. This week's Movie review is on "PRICELESS" on Human Trafficking.

This week Mauri will share a clip from last week's Trailer Park Show with guest Buddy from The Remembrance Project.

Cruz News- This week we share Senator Ted Cruz speech to the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce on February 14th.

And finally we will end with a video clip of
Life Talk with Mark Crutcher.


At 2 PM JCI will sponsor LIFE TALK with Mark Crutcher on their new February Program.

Life Talk sponsored by JCI productions.

You can watch our previous programs online at JCI-Ministries.org.