JCI Live Christian Talk show on Sundays 1 pm channel 11 or on the internet in HD at https://www.austinpublicaccess.org/watch/streaming11 This Sunday February 5th 2017
Mauri Gandy will discuss "Does a baby in the womb have a Soul?"
And if you missed last weeks RIGHT TALK WITH MIKE LEE -
We will air a clip of Mike Lee and Rep James White discussing Maafa 21

Cruz News - Senator Ted Cruz video from the Senate floor last week on
Vetting Immigrates and "How To Keep Our Country Safe". And a video clip of
Ted Cruz's interview on FOX with Tucker Carlson on Trump's Supreme Court
nominee choice - Judge Neil Gorsuch .

Mauri Review's new DVD "I'm Not Ashamed" - The story of Rebecca Scott
who was killed at the Columbine High School Shooting and
Netflix movie "A Matter of Faith" - College student's father debates
professor who does not believe in God.

We will end with a short movie "Sing A Little Louder" that ever Christian
should watch and share with your church and friends.

Feb 5th - Proof that a baby in the womb has a Soul