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This week on Wednesday evening Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi and their two daughters had dinner with President Donald Trump and his wife Melanie. Senator Cruz and President Trump discussed the new health care bill and Cruz told the president that he did not think it will pass in the senate. However he does believe that the bill can be improved on so that it can pass soon.

Those that have followed Ted Cruz since his 2012 Senate Campaign in Texas remember that he promised to "throw my body in front of a train” to stop anything but a full repeal. Once in the Senate, he waged an 18-hour filibuster over the health care law and pushed so aggressively for defunding it in 2013 that the government shut down, against the wishes of many fellow Republicans. I am sure that he will continue to fight for us until the very end.

Personally I believe that Senator Ted Cruz shows integrity. He cares about the people that he represents in Texas. I am very proud of our Senator and all the work that he does to make our country better.


Mauri Gandy's movie review of "Heaven Sent" produced by Michael Landon Jr. and written by Rick Ramage.
I do not know how I issed this wonderful movie last Christmas? It touched my heart string to God so much that I not only watched it twice, I ordered it for y Christian Collection of Great Movies. It reminds me of the book "TILLY" written by Frank Peretti. If you have read that book I just gave the surprise ending.


We will share March's LIFE TALK hosted by Mark Crutcher and Renee Hobbs
Guests: Texas Rep. Tony Tinderholt, Debbie Case Executive Director of Hope Life Center in Illinois and Rochelle Focaracci from Girl Scouts Why Not.com

Mark Crutcher is the producer of the Maafa 21 Documentary.

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Mark Crutcher is the producer of the Maafa 21 Documentary.

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