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- Mauri Gandy's comment on the recent banquet of Heart of Texas Pregnancy Resource Center and the history of how JCI got involved with this wonderful ministry.


This week Senator Ted Cruz was given the SPIRIT OF ENTERPRISE Award by the US Chamber of Commerce.

On Tuesday President Trump signed the NASA bill and gave Senator Ted Cruz the pen for writting the bill. This is the first NASA bill in over seven years. That evening Senator Cruz spoke to Commercial Space Dinner. Saying that they are the New Frontier. During his speech he mentioned the new movie "Hidden Figures".

This week the Senate held Confirmation Hearings on Supreme Judge Neil Gorsuch.

During the third day Senator Cruz gave a speech on Hypocritical Democrats Criticizing a sitting Judge.

Monday - Sen. Cruz's Opening Statement at Judge Gorsuch's Confirmation Hearing - March 20, 2017

Tuesday Senator Ted Cruz continues to ask questions on Judge Neal Gorsuch's Confirmation Hearing.

We did not have time to share Senator Ted Cruz introduced Alex Acosta on Confirmation Hearing as Labor Secretary.

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