JCI Live Christian Talk show on Sundays @1 pm channel 11 or on the internet in HD at https://www.austinpublicaccess.org/watch/streaming11 This Sunday March 5th 2017
Our live JCI will begin with the song "News for Today" by the Sneed Family. Mauri Gandy will comment on recent Christian News in our nation, state and city.

This week Mauri will review the book "The American Miracle" by Michael Medved on stories about God's Divine Providence in American History.

Cruz News- This week we share Senator Ted Cruz's address to the Senate about the March 2nd Celebration of the Texas Independence Day; Senator Ted Cruz's video on MSNBC Mourning Joe on AG Jeff Sessions; Senator Cruz's comments on the President's address on Morning Joe and Senator Cruz's comments on Fox News right after President Trump's Congressional Address.

And finally we will end with an old video clip of the story of "Hacksaw Ridge".

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