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Sunday May 21 st 2017 @ 1 PM
Weekly current news important to Christians:

New sermon from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on the new harbinger.
This program showed 14 minutes (30:18 to 44:13)
The whole serman was aired on Friday May 26th at 9 PM

JCI Live will show three videos on Pro-Life Current news from Renee Hobbs and Mark Crutcher on Life Talk videos from last Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

May 18th

May 16th

May 15th

Senator Ted Cruz weekly News: Highlights of Senator working on the new health care bill along with other conservative Senators.
This week Mauri will review the newly released DVD movie "Hidden Figures"

Monday @ 5:30 Rerun of JCI Live News

Friday @ 8:00 Prophecies of Hope lesson 25 with Evangelist Lynnwood Spangler.

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