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Where The Eagles Gather.
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"Where the Eagles Gather."
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at Cathedral of Praise

Every Friday night at 7 pm you can join us at Austin Outpouring for Praise and Worship at Cathedral of Praise CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS


September 11, 12, 13, and 14th 


Jerame is a prophetic revivalist with a passion to see the kingdom of God manifested in the earth today. Its his belief that through Intimacy with God, and obedience to his voice, we will see the manifestation of God's Glory. Jerame travels around the US and the Nations full time, teaching and preaching on Intimacy with God, as well as healing and the Prophetic. Jerame's heart is to see a generation come into a place of intimacy with God so they are literal manifestations of Jesus in the earth today. ( Jn 14:12)

Jerame Nelson - Many Notable Miracles ~ Music by Catherine Mullins
Dates: September 11th to 14th
Location: Cathedral of Praise, Austin, TX.
Jerame's Site: www.livingatHisFeet.org ~ Catherine's Web Site: Catherine Mullins.com

Worship by Catherine Mullins

Jonathan Gandy, Catherine Mullins, and Jamie Gandy

Thursday 9-11-08
Jamie was excited as was Jeff & Jonathan. Today was the first day of revival. Jerame Nelson and Catherine Mullins were going to be in town the next four days and we were all pumped up.

I told Jeff it felt like game day and he agreed. Jamie told me later that she felt like she was stepping to the plate and it was time to hit a homerun. We got to hug a lot of necks and serve as ushers. The praise and worship was great and the preaching was good too. We were a little let down by the evening overall but it was still good. (Craig)

The first thing we did when we walked in was purchase Catherine Mullins new cd. It was recorded at the Lakeland Revival on August 3, 2008. We all love listening and watching Catherine as she dances across the stage. She was awesome tonight worshipping with Darren Shaw and the Cathedral of Praise Worship Team. Her tape is great too. (Mauri)


Friday 9-12-08
Craig started the morning by blowing his shofur and then dancing to Catherine Mullins new cd. Yep he was dancing all around his office rejoicing in God's love. (Mauri)


Saturday 9-13-08
Friday was about the same but Saturday started the way it should. Three hours with the Lord and after being washed in His love, my faith was pumped up. I called and invited many friends and most of them came to church. I was believing for new hearts and the glory descending to lift up those in wheelchairs. Everyone pressed in and we drew close, but not tonight.

I really enjoyed working at the book table. Several people who went to the morning meeting was asking about the dvd "Angels Among Us" by Jerame Nelson. It was sold out, but Jerame said he had some in his hotel room and would bring them tomorrow. I decided I would have to get one too since everyone was excited about the message. (Mauri)


First photo is Catherine Mullins and Darren Shaw practicing before service (notice the orb on the top right)

This dark picture shows 2 orbs ~ Notice the orbs when the photo is lightened.

Sunday 9-14-08
We got home about 2:00 am from Saturday night service. I guess a transformer had been hit by lightening, because the entire city of Manor, TX. was in the dark, including the subdivision where we live. After eating and going to bed, I was fortunate to awaken at 8:20 am to get us all up for church. We all pressed in again. We were so close that I was weeping in the glory, but still no hem of His garment. We are going to press in until He embraces us into His heart of Love. Father pull us closer. We are hungry for more of You, Lord. Jesus thank You for having the freedom to love You and serve You throughout forevermore.

Craig, Mauri, Jonathan & Jamie were on the Ministry team. We all ushered on Thursday, and greeted on Friday. Saturday evening Craig and Jonathan Ushered, Mauri worked the book table and Jamie greeted.

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"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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