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David Van Koevering

On September 6th at the K.E.Y.S. Summit Craig and I, (Mauri) greeted people as they came into the lunch room. David Van Koevering walked up to us as said (Wholeness, Wholeness, You are walking in wholeness). This was the first time that we met David face to face.

The day before Craig ushered during the "Entrepreneurs Panel" where David Van Koevering had spoken. Earlier that morning our family ushered during the K.E.Y.S. meetings from 8 am until noon. During the beginning of the meeting by Os Hillman titled "Brokenness" the microphone started causing problems. While the sound technicians were working on it God spoke to me saying that He is tired of Brokenness He is ready for us to walk in wholeness. Then God told me to watch what He is about to do. The next afternoon when David spoke this prophecy over us I knew it was confirmation.

I received an email that David Van Koevering was going to speak at our friend's home, (John and Laura Hanson). After three active days of serving and church Sunday we were all very tired Sunday evening, but I knew we needed to hear more from David. I told Craig that I was going even if no one else went, so my determination encouraged him to go.

Every word out of David's mouth excited me. He speaks on God's truth to an even deeper revelation than I have heard. I got lost during the middle of David talking about bandwidth, frequencies, and quantum physics I thought "I can not understand all this". At that moment David looked at me and said "You can understand this..." Wow, that got my attention!

Craig said he noticed David looking towards me several times while he talked, and it must have been because my excitement was that of a little girl. When I was a little girl I use to sit on a stool in my dad's garage while he worked on televisions. He loved working on electronics, and as a second job he repaired televisions. Some of omy dad's and my best conversations were right there in that garage. Hearing David reminded me of those special conversations with my own dad. That must be why I asked him to adopt me as his spiritual daughter before we left that night.

David and his anointed wife Becky prayed over Craig's business plans that night. The next day God told me to invite David and Becky Van Koevering to be on the Board of Directors of Just 4 Kids Magazine.


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"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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