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All 74 Artistic Cows from the Cow Parade Austin is now available in one DVD.
Includes shipping and handling and sales tax. Select Option 2 and we will donate $10 to The Superhero Kids at Dell's Medical Center. If you select Option 3 we will donate $20 to The Superhero Kids.

Cow Parade Austin DVD


Video Tour of the Cow Parade in Austin, Texas
3 minute video on left ~ 1 hour video on right is of 70 cows in Austin


Bat Tour & Filming of Bat Cow from Lone Star Riverboat ~

The 1 hour program was aired on Channel Austin Ch 10 on Sept 21st at 6 AM; Sept 22 at 10 AM; Sept 24th at noon and Sept 26th at 6 PM

The Gandy Family of JCI-Productions took an exciting family scavenger hunt through Austin, Texas. With the Austin Cow Parade map and a Channel Austin HD Camera we were able to find and film all 71 artistic cows. We are currently editing this fun video that will be aired on Channel Austin during September and October 2011.

The Cows from the Parade in Austin will be auctioned off on October 30th. The funds will be donated to Superhero Kids of the Dell Children's Hospital. For more information go to: Cow Parade Austin.com

Find your favorite cow artwork as you personally tour the Austin Cow parade or while you watch our Cow parade video.
Here are some of our favorite picks:
You can select from our list or choose any of your favorite. We would love to hear from you.

Favorite Cow: Got Color ~ Night Mooves ~ Flamen Cow ~ Udderly Austin ~ Gilded Lily ~ I've Got the Moosic in Me
Favorite Cow Name: Moo-sy In the Sky with Diamonds ~ Udderly Austin ~ Remember the Alamoo ~
Favorite Musical Cow: I 've Got the Moosic in Me ~ Moosiac Capital ~ Cowjunto Music ~ Musicowly Speaking ~ Texas Moosicians
Best Eyes: Moolah ~ Gilded Lily ~ Tacky Tourist ~ Eye Cowrumbal ~ Cow of Texas
Best Ears: Got Color ~ Udderly Austin ~ Batsy at Twilight ~ Flowerida
Best Lips: I Love Moo ~ Miss Chemoo ~ Flamen Cow
Best Utters: Got Color ~ Peace Love Harmoooony ~ Austin's Far Out! Cow's On the Moon - Cownupocia
Best Tail: Got Color -
Best Nose: Texi Cow ~ Udderly Austin ~ Cowpital City Within a Park
Best Hooves: Western Cow ~ On Your Mark Get Set Moo ~ Tacky Tourist
Best Hoofs ~ Western Cow ~ Utterly Austin ~ Best Horns: Cowcycle ~ Hairy Dear, Play a Tune ~ Peace Love Harmoooony
Best Head or Body Piece: Mooquet ~ Miss Chemoo ~ Gilded Lily ~ Flamencow ~ Mooquet
Best Bejeweled Cow: Discow ~ Gilded Lily ~ Night Mooves ~ Discow
Most Colorful Cow: Blazing Bovine ~ Wildflower Cow ~ Happy People ~ Moosy in the Sky with Diamonds
Sexiest Cow: Flamencow ~ I Love Moo ~ Moolah
Best Austin Scene Art: Barton Springs Eternal ~ Cowpital City Within a Park ~ Udderly Austin ~

Favorite Cow with People Art: Texas Sports Holstein of Fame ~ Texas Muosicians ~ Happy People
Most Unique or Outrageous Cow: Cowcycle ~ Hairy Dear, Play a Tune ~ Cowch ~ Tacow
Favorite Cow Location: Auditorium Shores ~ Abel's On the Lake ~ Bob Bullock Museum
Hardest Cow Location to Find: Shado Ushi ~ Tacow ~ Bat Cow
& Most Secured Cow: Night Mooves (You have to get through private gates and security guards!)

Got More Category Ideas? Email us Mauri@jciworldcorp.com

Meet Some of the Artists:
Patti Schermerhorn ~ Udderly Austin
Robert R. "Bob" Jones ~ Got Color
Robin Tripaldi ~ Cowpital of Austin
Allison Gregory ~ Moosy in the Sky with Diamonds + 3 more

Trip #1 - August 27th - The first Cow that the Gandy family filmed was "Got Color". This colorful cow is located in front of Carver Museum on Angelina St. off East 11th. On the way from Channel Austin to film the Glimmer of Hope Event downtown at Skinny's Ballroom we took the two block detour to get our special television project started.

Trip #2 - After we filmed "A Glimmer of Hope" event we walked towards the 4 Seasons Hotel on 4th St. and filmed the two cows standing by their entrance. "Mootalica" and "Moosy in the Sky with Diamonds". One of my favorite stories on Cow Parade Austin website is written by Allison Gregory. She tells of her heated painting experience of painting Moosy in her garage when the summer heat was over 100 degrees. CLICK HERE to read her story.
We walked to our suburban and Craig drove us around town to get some serious filming of cows accomplished. We found sexy "Flamen Cow" in front of the Hilton Hotel. Jamie and I jumped out with camera and a frezzie hand held light.
Our next stop was filming the "Cow of Texas" in front of Flemings on 2nd and then "Cow Junto Music" in front of Mexi Art Museum at 419 Congress. Outside the Frost Bank Building we found "Cow Quarium" and "Remember the Alamoo". "Hairy Deer Play a Tune" was inside the Frost Bank Building on 6th & Congress.
"Moolah" was in front of Horizon bank. His hat and cigar had been stolen before we filmed him.
Craig stopped at the corner of GSD&M and Jamie and I filmed "Moo-vement".
We parked at Whole Foods on North Lamar between 5th & 6th St. and filmed "Flower Power Cowlection Esther Elouise". Jamie and I walked across the street to film The "Texas Sports Holstein of Fame". We crossed N. Lamar and filmed "Tacki Tourist" and "Morning Glory & Death". We crossed back to Whole Foods on the corner of 6th St and Jamie filmed "Discow" while I flashed the frezzie light for a strobe effect. Our last stop was filming "Cow-Moo-Flage" at 4200 North Lamar. For a special reward we stopped for an ice cream cone after a hot summer night on the town.

Trip #3 - August 30th - The Gandy family took Gideon to Auditorium Shores for an evening walk and filmed the cows along Lady Bird Lake.
"Leche Fresca (Fresh Milk)" was our first stop in the back of the Mexican American Culture Center 600 River St. located in the back facing Lady Bird Lake.
"Eye Cowrumbal" and "Musicowly Speaking" was in front of the Long Center,
and "On You Mark, Get Set, Moo" at entrance of Auditorium Shores.
"Texas Cow-try Summer Nights" was watching the city lights beside Stevie Ray Vaughn Statue on Lady Bird Lake
"I Love Moo" was at south entrance of Pfluger Bridge, and
"Thriller Cow" at north entrance of Pfluger Bridge. After leaving Auditorium Shores we traveled up North Lamar and stopped at 11th and filmed "Kaleidescope Kow" in front of Hahn
The final cow filmed that night was "Austin's Far Out Cows on Moon" in front of HEB at Hancock Center.

Trip #4 - August 31st - After Craig, Mauri & Jamie filmed a program for the Capital Area Food Bank we made a stop on South Congress and filmed Chia Cow and Blazin Bvonia then headed up to the Bob Bullock Center to film five cows: "Cowmaro", "Mazy Moo", "Once in a Blue Moon", "Partying with PI-COW-sso" and "UGC (User Generated Cow)"

Trip #5 - August 31st 4 to 6 PM Mauri and Jamie headed downtown to film more cows. First stop was off I 35 North and Hwy 290 we found "Texas Roadside Trip" inside the Embassy Suites lobby
We stopped at Breed & Company on 29th St. to film "Mooquet" and the mini cows inside their store. We headed south and parked at the Texas State Capital and walk downtown to film 19 cows starting with the "Life Savers Cow" on 11th & Congress.
"Gilded Lily" was shining brightly at 816 Congress "A Moo-sical Moo-saic" was colorfully lying in front of Congress Avenue.
We passed right by "Cow junction" at 4th & Congress because we filmed her last week.
We stopped by the Frost Building again because they added "Cowcycle" inside the bank, and we filmed closer shots of "Hairy Dear, Play Me A Tune"
On the East side of Congress and 2nd we found "Moo-sai" and Moosic Capital"
"Flowerida" was laying peacefully in front of the Ashton at 101 Colorado
"Batsy at Twilight" was strutting her bats in front of the Dell's Children Museum at 201 Colorado
"CowBella" and "Texas Moosicians" were grazing in front of the "W" Hotel
"The Ol' Cowskin" was in front of Taverna at 258 West 2nd
Across from the City Hall on 2nd St. was the glimmering "Armoodillo Cow"
"Curly Q Cow", "Scrub bull" and "Guitar Cow" were in front of the City Hall on 2nd St. between Lavaca & Guadalupe
"Cookies & Cream" was located with her milk and cookies in the small park area across from City Hall
We turned around and headed back north going up Colorado
"A Psy-Cow-delic COW-ssword Puzzle" was at 419 Colorado
and finally "Bats on the Moo-ve" was grazing in front of Perry's Steakhouse

Trip #6 - The Gandy's take a Sunday night drive to film nine cows.
First stop was to the Driskill Hotel on 6th St to film "Hill Country Beaux-Wine and Cheese" and "Cowch".
"Tacow" in front of Garrido's on 3rd st.
"Western Cow" on Riverside Dr. in front of the Seaholm Intake
"Miss Chemoo" at Embassy Suites on corner of Barton Springs Rd and S. 1st
"Cowpital - City Within a Park" in front of Run Tex across from the Long Center
"Udderly Austin" in front of Schlotzsky's on S. Lamar
"Peace Love and Harmoooooony" at Shady Grove on Barton Springs Rd.
Last stop for the night was filming "Just Moo It" in front of Uschi on S. Lamar.

Trip #7 - The Gandy's finalized their filming on Labor Day and filmed nine cows.
"Austin Bluebonnets Cow", "Wildflower Cow" and "Happy People Cow" at the arrival section of Bergstrom Airport;
"Shodo Ushi" at the entrance of restaurant behind Taco Cabano on Riverside and S. Lamar;
"Barton Spring Eternal" at Abel's On the Lake - 3825 Lake Austin Blvd.
"Night Moves" at the building entrance of Dell's Jewish Center on Hart Drive.
Jamie and I had fun playing music on "I've Got Moosic In Me" in front of the KLBJ FM radio station- 8309 N. IH 35
"Texi-Cow" at Austin Studio - 1901 E. 51st

"Magnetic Cow" at Mueller Central Lake Park in front of Mueller Center near Dell's Children Medical Center.

We found out Sunday September 4th that the last cow was placed hanging over Lady Bird Lake under Congress. bridge. It's the Bat Cow.
Trip #8 - On Sept. 19th we took a sunset tour on Captain Mike's Lone Star Riverboat to film the Bat Cow. Jamie got some amazing video of the bats coming out from under the bridge and flying around the Bat Cow. We will add this footage to the program that was already submitted. CLICK HERE to see our photos of the Bat Cow. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE BAT TOUR.

Trip #9 - October 7th we saw a new cow as we were driving south on Lamar. Jamie and I picked up a camera from Channel Austin and filmed the Cownucopia in front Coffee Bean and Leafy Tea.

Trip #10 - October 8th Craig dropped Jamie and I off in front of the Driskill Hotel on 6th St. to film the new cow inside called "Cow Driskill". There are now three cows inside. The Driskill Hotel is where the auction will take place on October 30th. HD video is located to the right.

We decided that we wanted a better footage of some of the cows we previously filmed downtown. We started at the corner of 2nd and Congress and filmed Moosaic and Moosic Capital then walking west we filmed Cow FlowerIda in front of Ashton. Then we walked across from City Hall and got close up shots of Cookies & Milk 100 years of Girl Scouts.

We once again filmed some of the downtown cows for better footage.

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