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September 11, 2008

Hello my friends. God bless you all and may our Father release peace and love and joy into your homes and lives because of what Jesus has done for us. I wanted to remind everyone about Jerame Nelson and Catherine Mullin ministering at Cathedral of Praise this weekend, September 11-14, 2008. Pastor Bill Hart was saying in church that the miracles and blessings that are following them right now is glorious, and prophets from all over the country are flying in for the Austin Outpouring, and it is going to be awesome. They have ministered before nations and Catherine Mullin will help you reach new realms of worship.

I heard Catherine sing for the first time on June 10, 2008 on God TV via the internet at god.tv. I heard her before I saw her and I thought I had never heard anyone as anointed worship before the Lord. And when I saw her, my heart leapt because of her energy and enthusiasm and joy that comes from lifting up the name of Jesus. My families evening viewing habits changed for the summer if not forever.

And then I heard Todd Bentley preaching to the heavens and my spirit leapt again because this was a man preaching with power in the spirit of Elijah, and he was preaching to the heavenly places. Hungry people all over the world were swept into the presence of God by anointed worship and anointed preaching and people all over the world have been blessed by the closer walk with a risen Savior. So I thank Fresh Fire Ministries and I praise You Lord for drawing us closer to You in this day of the outpouring of Your Glory. My heart was captured by the Cathedral of Praise at a time I was seeking more of His glory in my life. My family and I came out to Cathedral for the first time from June 5-8, 2008 and were blessed by the Cathedral Worship team and Shawn Bolz, Ivan Roman and Jon LaFramboise. Shawn prophesied over me and my company in this day of moving forth into His glory and I was blessed. June 9th I was attacked by my great Pyrenees and God showed me grace and mercy and a quickening from the Holy Spirit that helped me to weather the attack. I praise God for the quickness and strength and His grace and mercy. Then Bobby Conner preached here on August 1-3, 2008, and here we are in September, and it has been a great month already.

The Kingdom Economic Summit that was held at Promiseland Church on September 4-6, 2008 has ushered in the release of the finances to further His Kingdom and His glory forevermore. Dr. Bruce Cookís vision to gather speakers that would speak to the heavenly places to release the provision of heaven to fund growing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ was outstanding, and all of us that had the opportunity to attend and/or serve the Summit have been blessed. Pastor Bill Hart was honored Thursday September 4, 2008 at the Summit for moving the Outpouring back one week so they would not be competing during this time frame. He was lifted up because of his heart for the unity of the church, and this occurred before the financially anointed that were in attendance. The financial anointing that fell when Pastor Bill was honored for his Apostleís heart for unity of the body of Christ will cover his entire membership under his mantle of blessing.

I had a chance to share with our church Friday night and Sunday morning Pastor Bill mentioned September 11, 2008 is the seven year anniversary of the attacks of the financial well-being of the United States. What the devil has attempted to steal from the United Stateís resources will be returned through Godís people. God will provide as much provision as we have the vision to reach for. Dream big, hope big, today is the day of fulfillment. Sunday night at John and Laura Hansonís house with many from Glory House and Mark and Susie Henderson with David and Becky Koevering I shared how Glory House and Arise Ministries and others fell under the same financial blessing as Cathedral of Praise. The Lordís saints have been standing in the gap for a long time hungering for the release of His glory and the release has come. The Kingdom Economic Summit has released financial blessings, and we are calling in the finances NOW. Everything belongs to the King. Our heavenly Father is releasing all of the resources to further the Kingdom of His Son Jesus Christ forevermore. If anything is held by anyone that is not His then He wants us to claim it for His Kingdom forevermore. Hallelujah, lets take the Kingdom for King Jesus.

My family will be serving at Cathedral, so come up and say hello. Jamie and I were talking late Tuesday night and she was saying how much she enjoyed serving and how she even enjoyed serving lemons for the ice tea at the Summit. May everything we do be done with a spirit of excellence that Daniel exhibited.

Two more things. The glory that was released in the kitchen Saturday night as people were being filled with the Holy Spirit was glorious and the number of people truly blessed was awesome. We give all the glory to You O Lord. Lowell and Ryan, Susie, Laura, Jamie, Jonathan, Richard, James, Jeremiah, Joanne, John and Marie and so many others that were supping with the King in the kitchen. His presence is what we all hunger for. Last thing. Many of us were perceived as kings and many of us were perceived as priests, but all of us that serve our Savior King are perceived as servants, to His glory.

Holy Father, I come to you with my friends. I thank you for the anointing on their lives and the purposes You have called them to. Bless them all Lord, and may we forever have Your praise in our mouth.

God bless you all,

Craig Gandy

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"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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