Craig and Mauri Gandy of healing for blended families

Fall 2009 Promotion
I'm MAD Marriage Conference on Channel Austin 11

God does heal broken and hurting marriages…
God can and does restore those that are divorced...

Four couples whose marriages
have been restored shared their stories
of how God walked with them in troubled times.



For marriage restoration information contact:

HeartWorkx Ministries

Part One - Steve and Isabel Longoria;
Jamie Gandy and Seth Stratton

Part 2 - Craig and Mauri Gandy;
and Steve Campos

Part 3 - Andy and Myra Uruski
Scott and Paula Stratton

Part 4 - Scott and Paula Stratton

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Seth Stratton and Jamie Gandy spoke on how trouble marriages effect children.

and a special guest attorney Steve Campos on Divorce Altervative from The Fowler Law Firm

Scott and Paula Stratton,
Two shows aired on Channel 11 in Austin hosted by Craig Gandy of JCI World News regarding the event…

Interview with Scott and Paula Stratton

Craig Gandy Interviews with Lydia Patton, Scott and Paula Stratton and Mauri Gandy

Scott and Paula Stratton's Testimony from CBN


When all the roads in life are crossed
Our deeds of worth are never lost
Now counted by the life we've given
The peaceful words of love are written
We've gathered in a new dimension
That fills our souls with love's intention
To reap the joy of love we've known
An epitaph to love we've shown
In fields of soft and gentle meadows
With velvet flower's softest petals
We walk among the path well made
The gift of love that we all crave
An Angel at the gate of passing
To show the way to "ever-lasting"
The gifts in life that we've achieved
Now gather in the Light received.
Copyright January 15, 2008