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"Where the Eagles Gather"
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JCI Ministries supports the following JCI Christian Youth Ministries:

   Just 4 Kids Magazine.com
   Rainbow Castle.org
   God's Princesses.com
   Kings Knights.org
  The Believers Softball.Net

Servant of God - Stories By  Joel Craig Gandy

We believe in partnering with other ministries that reach out in God's Love to a hungry and hurting world. We believe in the ministries listed below.

Cathedral of Praise - Pastor Bill Hart

Daniel Pringle Mininstries - Prophet Daniel Pringle - On Fire Prophetic Preacher

Win Bangdelish - Pastor Jipu Barikdar

End Time Prophetic Visions - Bill Somers - Word From the Prophets

Music by Catherine Mullins - She Has an Awesome Heart for God

Abiding Glory Ministries- Ryan Wyatt - He Will Stir Your Spirit Up

Dale Gentry - Prophet

Global Celebration- Georgian and Winnie Banoff - Ministry With a Heart of Love

Standing Firm World Ministries - Keith Miller - Awesome Preacher and Awesome Family - Preaches With Fire

Expression 58 - Shawn Bolz ~ Breakthrough Anointing in the Prophetic

Living at His Feet Ministries - Jerame Nelson - Ministering to the Nations

Feed-the-Children.org - Larry Jones - Feeding Children Around the World

Sid Roth's It's Supernatural and Messianic Visions - Sid Roth - It's Supernatural

The Elijah's List - Steve Shultz - Prophetic Words and Prophecies

Glory House Ministries - Mark Henderson ~ Reveal God's Glory by Advancing His Kingdom

Eagle View Ministries - Bobby Conner Prophetic Word for Today

Francis Frangipane Ministries True Heart for God

LifeSite News - John-Henry Westen Standing in the Gap for Issues that Matter Around the World

Gospel for Asia - K.P. Yohannan Evangelism and Church Planting throughout Asia

OneNewsNow - News that Matters

American Family Association - Rev. Donald Wildmon Standing in the Gap for America

Christian Newswire - Up to Date News

TBN.org - Paul and Jan Crouch

Life Outreach.org - James Robison - World Evangelism - Water for Life

Lakewood Christian Church - Joel Osteen - Preaching Words of Faith

Joyce Meyer Ministries - Joyce Meyer - Reaching the World for God

Living Proof Ministires - Beth Moore - Preaching with Passion and Fire

Day Star Atlanta - Johnny Enlow - Seven Mountain Prophet

Fresh Fire Ministries - Todd Bentley - Preaching with the Spirit of Elijah

Morning Star Ministries - Rick Joyner - Preaching the Word in Truth

Restoring the Foundations - Chester and Betsy Kylstra - Healing and Restoration

Prophetic Ministry of Bob Jones - Prophecy

White Dove Ministries - Paul Keith Davis - Our Destiny in the Lord

Larry Randolph Ministries - Larry Randolph - Encountering God

http://Harvest Rock Church- Che Ahn - Love Like Jesus

Master Potter Ministries - Leaving a Legacy

Revival Now Ministries - Wesley Campbell - Loving and Serving Mankind

International House of Prayer - Mike Bickle - Preparing the Way of the Lord through Prayer

Watch of the Lord Ministries - Mahesh Chavda - Healing and Revival

The Father's Touch - Touching the Father's Heart

Encounter's Network - Jim Goll - Deliverance from Darkness

Global Awakening - Randy Clark - Healing and Revival

Billye Brim Ministries - Billye Brim - A Heart for God

Love Botswana - Touching Africa

Shoreline Christian Center - Members from December 2000 - July 2008

We participated and volunteered in the following events:

Darren Shaw and the Cathedral of Praise Band - March 30, 2009
Song "Kingdom Revolution" written by Vic Garcia

Abiding Glory- Ryan Wyatt - Equipping a Generation

Listen to Audio from Abiding Glory Conference at Cathedral of Praise
Sunday Morning March 29, 2009

Part One

MP3 File

Part Two

MP3 File

Standing Firm World Ministries - Texas Ablaze Keith Miller - February 26 - 28, 2009 Austin Airport -
Craig, Mauri, Jonathan and Jamie worked the book tables during the conference.

Jerame Nelson - Many Notable Miracles !

Music by Catherine Mullins

CLICK HERE to read more about the Austin Outpouring

Dates: September 11th to 14th

Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit
with Dr. Lance Wallnau, Dr. Myles Munroe, Rick Joyner, Pat Francis, Bruce Cook, David Van Koevering,
Richard Johnson and many others
Dates: September 4th, 5th and 6th, 2008 ~ Location: Austin, TX.

For more information go to:

Eagle View Ministries - Bobby Conner Prophetic Word for Today - August 2008

                        Letter from Craig - September 11, 2008

                        Prophecies over our family

"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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