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Deliver Us From by Brian Fisher has a great video of kids telling what they think about Babies and then their reactions about parents killing their babies. Very insightful.

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Cartoons, Cupcakes and Chalk:

Six Pro-Life Ideas for Youth

  October is Respect Life Month. What better time to get your youth group, Sunday school class, or children/grandchildren involved in speaking out for the right to life?

Here are six pro-life activities for young people this fall:

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National Pro-Life Chalk Day on Thursday, October 2 � Grab a bucket of chalk, gather a group of friends, and head to a sidewalk near you. Use big letters and bold colors to write pro-life messages such as �Choose Life!� or �Heartbeat begins at just 21 days.� Click here for more ideas and tips.

Wear your support for babies in the wombOrganize a group of people to wear pro-life themed T-shirt on a specific day or week, and encourage them to start conversations with their friends about why there�s always a reason to choose life.

Pro-Life Cupcake Day on Thursday, October 9 � Bake and decorate a big batch of cupcakes, and share them with people at work or school. The idea is to start conversations with people about how every baby deserves a right to life � and a birthday! More Ideas at

Use your voice for life � Encourage students to enter our Pro-Life Oratory Contest. We have exciting changes this year. We�ve started a Novice Division for 9th and 10th grade students in addition to the Oratory Contest for 11th and 12th graders. And now, all students will be asked to record their speeches and submit the videos to us for judging. Students have the chance to win cash or a trip to New Orleans. Click here for details.

Use the power of the pen � Share our Pro-Life Essay Contest with junior and senior high school students. Winners will receive cash prizes, and the top two essays will be published in our state-wide newspaper, LifeLines. Click here for details.

Just 4 Kids

Get to know Umbert the Unborn � Introduce younger children to the pro-life comic strip, Umbert the Unborn. Umbert is a preborn baby boy who goes on adventures in the womb. Visit creator Gary Cangemi�s website to find games, coloring pages, and other activities.

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