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41 years of Roe vs Wade

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(The programs that were uploaded to Blip.TV were deleted. If you would like a copy of one of these programs please email Mauri@jciworldcorp.com for more information.)

"Can You Hear the Babies Cry"
songwriter: Mark Wayne (ASCAP)
copyright AmeriXan Moses Music (ASCAP)
Filming: JCI-Productions for documentary on Texas House Bill 2
CLICK HERE for words.


Mauri films the Pro-Life Waco/Austin Protest on Planned Parenthood Banquet

CLICK HERE for HB2 and JCI Ministries presents the Pro Life Rally at the Texas State Capitol on July 8th 2013. Speakers: Ann Hettinger - TX Director of Concerned Women of America; Carol Everett - Heidi Group; HB 2 bill writers: Senator Glen Hager, and House of Representative Jodi Laubenberg; Dr. Robert Jeffers; Marilyn Musgrave; Michelle Duggar; Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst; Attorney General Greg Abbott; Pastor Steve Washburn of 1st Baptist of Pflugerville; Jonathan Saenz of TX Values; Missy Martinez of Students For Life and Dr. Donna Campbell. ( 1 hour 28 minutes 47 secs.) And program of the speech from Mike Huckabee.

Or CLICK HERE to watch J. Craig & Mauri Gandy discuss the Texas Senate Bill 5 on JCI Live Austin June 29th 2013

"THIS TIME" - Our favorite Pro-Life song by John Elefante on a True story of his daughter's adoption.


Fetus "Baby" at 20 weeks

Back in 1976 ultrasounds proved that fetus' are living patients. In 1985
Dr. Bernard Nathanson filmed a sonogram during an abortion which first proved the
fetus felt the pain. - Watch at
Silent Scream.org

"Now for the first time, we have the technology to see abortion from the victims vantage point.
Ultrasound imaging has allowed us to see this."
-Dr. Bernard Nathanson

CLICK HERE for more information on Planned Parenthood's beginning in Austin
and CLICK HERE For information on Margaret Sanger.

and HERE for "MAAFA 21" documentary

Texas Rally For Life ~ January 26, 2013 at State Capitol

JCI Live Austin Pro Life Special on January 12th 2013 with hosts J. Craig & Mauri Gandy
Special Guests Debi Wehmeier of Chicon Pregnancy Resource Center and
Dr. Philip Woodall of Ministering Physcians

Father Frank Pavone at Austin Coalition For Life Benefit Dinner
Click on picture to watch video of speech from Father Pavone
CLICK HERE for Heather Gardener's speech
from November 12, 2012

Chicon Pregnancy Resource Center


Chicon Pregnancy Resource Center tour ~ Tour and Interview with Debi Winn- Wehmeier

Opening on Sept 9, 2012

Austin Pregnancy Resource Center

Austin PRC CLICK HERE for the Fall Extravaganza at Double Tree Hotel on Sept 25th 2012 with Key Note Speaker Stephanie Fast.


Lori talks about the Fall Extravaganza ~ Lori gives a quick tour of the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center

Mauri Gandy talks with Lori DeVillez of Austin Pregnancy Resource Center about the Baby Bottle Campaign that started on Mother's Day and ends on Father's Day.

Documentary "Blood Money Film" with Carol Everett of Heidi Group

Documentary - 3801 Lancaster - Pennsylvania


October Baby movie review, Every Life Is Beautiful video stories; Austin Pregnancy Resource Center tour; song "The Almighty" and Myra Myer's story.

Fri. Apr. 13 @ 5:30 PM; Sat. Apr. 14 @ 9 PM; Mon. Apr. 16 @ 5:30 PM; Wed. Apr. 18 @ 6:30 PM; Thurs. Apr. 19 @ 12:30 AM; Sat. Apr. 21 @ 1:30 AM; Sat. Apr. 21 @ 7 PM; Sun. Apr. 22 @12:30 AM; Mon. Apr. 23 @ 5:30 PM; Thurs. Apr. 26 @ 12:30 AM; Sat. Apr. 28 @ 7 PM; Sun. May 13 @ 1 PM; Fri. June 22 @ 11 AM

One of the best Christian movies that I have ever seen. The acting is suburb and the story line is amazing. This movie will help women all over the nation heal from abortions and it will heal those precious children that feel abandon because of being adopted. Two days later my 22 year old son and 20 year old daughter and I are still talking about the impact the movie has had on us. My son said this is one movie he would buy just to support and have the movie to give to someone who needed healing. CLICK HERE to help bring this movie to Austin, Texas. Find a theater showing October Baby Here   CLICK HERE for resources and videos, and CLICK HERE for facts about abortion.

For more information on the movie go to:October Baby.net

CLICK HERE to watch a video from Gianna Jessen. She is the inspiration of the movie October Baby.


Tour of the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center with Lori DeVillez, Trish Rendon and Brianna Zabata
Host Mauri Gancy of JCI Ministries filmed on April 4th 2012
Program #112 includes the above tour and JCI Live Austin March 29th program of the Ministries section.
with J. Craig & Mauri Gandy talking about the movie October Baby.
It also includes song "Almighty Music Video" and Myra Myers abortion story
Clip on right is of Spirit 105.9 bringing diapers to Austin Pregnancy Resource Center.

JCI Live Austin - March 22nd 2012

Special Guests Lori DeVillez of Austin Pregnancy Resource Center.

J. Craig Gandy and Tosh Sturgess talk about fatherhood and babies after a trailer from "October Baby" played on JCI Live Austin on April 5th 2012.


JCI Ministries Pro Life Special. March 23, 2012 - Intro by Mauri Gandy; Movie clip of October Baby; Carol Everett of Sonogram bill; Governor Rick Perry's pro life speech on Jan 24 2010 at Texas State Capitol; John Bornschein's testimony; and January 2011 Pro Life JCI LIVE Austin Program with J. Craig Gandy, Marilyn Jackson and Lori Devillez.

Sun. Apr 1 @ 10 AM; Sun. Apr 8 @ 7 AM; Mon. Apr 9 @ 5:30 PM; Tues. Apr 10 @ 1 AM; Thurs. Apr. 12 @ 12:30 AM; Thurs. Apr. 12 @ 7 PM; Sun. Apr. 15 @ 10 AM; Mon. Apr. 16 @ 12:30 AM; Mon. Apr. 16 @ 8:30 AM; Tues. Aprl. 17 @ 10:30 PM; Thurs. Apr. 19 @ 3 PM; Fri. Apr. 20 @ 6:30 AM; Sat. Apr. 21 @ 9:30 AM; Sun. Apr. 22 @ 1 PM; Sat. May 5 @ 7 PM; Tues. May 8 @ 4 AM; Thurs. May 10 @ 2 PM; Sat. May 12 @ 7 PM; Sun. May 13 @ 10 AM; Tues. May 15 @ 2 AM; Thurs. May 17 @ 7:30 AM; Sun. May 20 @ 7 AM; Mon. May 21 @ 2 PM; Wed May 23 @ 7 PM; Thurs. May 24 @ 11 AM; Sat. May 26 @ 9:30 AM; Mon. May 28 @ 12 PM; Tues. May 29 @ 3 PM; Wed May 30 @ 1 PM; Thurs May 31 @ 9 AM; Sun. June 10 @ 11 AM; Sat. June 23 @ 7 PM; Sun. June 24 @ 1 PM; Tues. June 26 @ 2 AM; Tues. June 26 @ 6 AM; Sun. July 1 @ 1 PM; Fri. July 6 @ 10 AM; Fri. July 6 @ 11:30 PM; Thurs. July 12 @ 6 PM; Sun. July 15 @ 4 AM; Sun. July 15 @ 9:30 PM; Tues. July 17 @ 4 AM; Wed. July 18 @ 4:30 AM; Wed. July 18 @ 2 PM; Sat. July 21 @ 10 PM; Tues. July 24 @ 5 AM; Fri. July 27 @ 2 PM; ~ (Total 47 airings)

Article written by Abby Johnson on Planned Parenthood

Unplanned by Abby Johnson

70% of women who have an abortion will dissolve their relationship with the father within one year.
Within two years 80 % of the relationships will dissolve.
And 90% of the relationships will dissolve within 5 years.
This also includes couples who are married and already have children.
I read this statistic in an article written by Myra Jean Myers. She received the information when attending the American Association of Christian Counselors and a workshop by Julie Woodley on abortion. Ms. Wodley has a recovery manual called 'Into My Arms'.

History of Obama on abortions

Texas Rally For Life

January 23, 2010


Governor Rick Perry's Pro-Life Speech

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