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Fall Backup 2010 - Host J. Craig Gandy

Shown on October 21st & November 18th

Beginning Scripture: Matthew 16:23 - Do not offend God
Zechariah 13:7


When I looked at all areas I saw that Austin is the First Coast, not the third coast. People care more and give more in this region. This is where the movies and musicians are the best.

Story about 70 year old man in Amarillo Texas who would not let a 25 year old out do him when putting concrete bags on my back. That is how people in Texas are. It is where the men open doors for women and have integrity

Our State is standing for truth in what is in our school textbooks.

I challenge all of us to take a stand for truth and justice.

I am seeing the media starting to take a stand for God more than preachers in our churches.

We need to be radical and turn our hearts to God.


Economy - 10% Unemployment

Small businesses are decreasing

Angela Murkle of Germany

Story: While stationed in Germany I met an older man who asked us to sit with him while dining. He had been trapped behing the East Wall and welcomed the United States Servicemen to be in his country.

I applaud President Obama for expanding broadband

Hal Lindsay said two years ago that information will double

If people have access to information they can compete.

Education is Key to United States

Schools should teach more over the internet.

We should identify talent and skills and focus teaching that strength.

Jobs are being lost - NASA - our space program is being sold out
The goal is to make our space programs owned by private companies.


The mosque in New York near ground zero - People should be sensitive to the feelings of those that were killed even though there is freedom of worship and where mosques are built.

A few years ago when I learned of a a plot of land near Manor, TX that was been beautified into a garden area and owned by a non christians. I challenged Christian churches to do the same.

Story of University of Maryland graduation where they were told not to use the name god during any of the service. The last student was quiet until everyone sneezed and they he said "God Bless You" Everyone applauded!

Beginning song: Lovely is Your Name by Shekirah Jones

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"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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