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Where The Eagles Gather.
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"Where the Eagles Gather"
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JCI LIVE AUSTIN February 28th 2013
with J. Craig & Mauri Gandy
Rare Disease Day

JCI LIVE AUSTIN February 21st 2013
with J. Craig & Mauri Gandy

JCI LIVE AUSTIN February 14th 2013
Happy Valentine's Day with J. Craig & Mauri Gandy

JCI LIVE AUSTIN February 7th 2013
Guests: Terry Randolph & son Ethan; and Mohandas Jones

JCI LIVE AUSTIN January 24th 2013
J. Craig & Mauri Gandy talk about Pro-Life and babies.

JCI LIVE AUSTIN January 17th 2013
Special guest: Carol Everett of Heidi Group

JCI LIVE AUSTIN January 12th 2013
Special Pro-Life program with Debi Wehmeier and Dr. Philip Woodall

JCI LIVE AUSTIN January 10th 2013

JCI LIVE AUSTIN January 3rd 2013

JCI LIVE AUSTIN December 27th 2012

JCI LIVE AUSTIN December 20th 2012

JCI LIVE AUSTIN December 13th 2012

JCI LIVE AUSTIN December 6th, 2012 ~ Rerun from Sunday Special

JCI LIVE AUSTIN November 25th Special on Sunday 11 AM channel 10

JCI LIVE AUSTIN Thanksgiving Special - November 22, 2012
The Gandy family's favorite programs from our archives

JCI LIVE AUSTIN November 15, 2012
with J. Craig Gandy on having one foot in the church and one foot in the world.

JCI LIVE AUSTIN November 8, 2012
with J. Craig & Mauri Gandy - Election Special and Interview with Marlyn Willson
& Cathy McHorse of Junior League of Austin
about the Christmas Affair at the Parmer Events Center. And Live program with Austin Junior Forum at Christmas at Caldwell House.

JCI LIVE AUSTIN November 1, 2012
with J. Craig & Mauri Gandy - Interview at Charity Garage Sale that benefits
The Settlement Home for Children.

JCI LIVE AUSTIN Fall Backup Program
with Stephanie Fast at the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center's Fall Extravaganza

  JCI LIVE AUSTIN started our 4th LIVE year on Thursdays 8 PM to 9 PM

Please contact us for updates at Mauri@JCI World Corp.com or join us on Facebook.com/jci.world


Jonathan, Jamie, Mauri & Craig Gandy

Our Live televisions shows included 3 programs
  JCI World News on Channel 11
  JCI-Ministries on Channel 11
  First Coast on Channel 10 & 16

Produced by: JCI Productions

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"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4
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