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Spring Program #52

May 12th, 2011
Host J. Craig Gandy shares His faith in Jesus Christ.

On Tuesday morning (May 10) we visited Town Lake Animal Center and filmed many of the dogs and cats that are available for adoption. Go to Get A Pet Now.com to view the animals available. During our visit Jamie took in two precious female feral cats from The Red Roof Inn. One young cat was pregnant and Jamie thought that she would be safer at the clinic and was hoping they would find a good home for the cats. Later that afternoon Jamie received a call that both cats have feline leukemia and would not be able to stay at the center because of this being a contagious to other cats. We did a shout out during the program and on facebook in hopes of finding a home, but unfortunately Friday both cats were euthanized. Their two brother cats still remain at The Red Roof Inn and most likely also have feline leukemia.

We filmed an interview with Johnny Walker of Play Me Austin.com at Pfluger Bridge. All the pianos except the one left at Republic Park on 4th St. were picked up yesterday and this morning. The Austin Art Alliance will select organizations and schools for these 14 pianos to make their new homes so that children and adults can continue to be encouraged to learn the art of playing pianos. Johnny reported that Play Me Austin was so successful in Austin that they are already discussing doing it again next year. After Johnny left to pick up his 5 year old daughter we filmed Craig reading the new plaque on Pfluger Bridge that gives the history of the beautiful Lady Bird Trails along the lake. As we were filming a man rode his bike to the location and asked Jonathan what happened to the piano that had been there. I am sure this question will continue to be asked all day at all the locations.

Then we had a late lunch at Green Mesquite Barbecue on Barton Springs Road. This was our first visit to a dog friendly patio in Austin. We loved the atmosphere of a restaurant where we can bring our famous TV dog instead of leaving him in the car while we eat. Gideon loved it there too. Visiting dog friendly restaurants will be part of our First Coast Travel & Tourism filming. The barbecue was fabulous and the sausage was one of the best I have ever eaten. To end the meal we shared a big bowl of their famous peach cobbler with ice cream. Thanks again to the manager DeeDee, and the wonderful waitress Claire, she was Gideon's favorite waitress ever! Green Mesquite Barbecue has another location in the South Park area and we will have to go visit next time we take Gideon to the Onion Creek Dog friendly park.

Our final stop was to Dirty-Dog's new location at 2300 South Lamar. Gideon loved his warm bath and we really loved having a clean dog instead of a dirty dog after visiting the dog parks. Jamie even put some good smelling cologne on him that made Gideon really smell great. The staff is great here and we will be back soon. Thanks Alesha and Jamie. Craig was excited to be filmed between two beautiful young women both named Jamie.

Craig goes on to report the rest of our week. After returning a camera to Channel Austin we had a tire blow out. Which leaves us without a spare tire.

The greatest news is that we had our prayer for rain answered this morning! We showed a clip that we filmed two weeks ago of Craig at Onion Creek Park asking for our viewers to pray for rain. Craig and I were leaving Red Roof Inn to film The Capitol Area Food Bank, but the rain turned to hail and he decided to call to change the filming date to next week.

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Host: J. Craig Gandy

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Intro song by Shakeera Jones

Special thanks to Jonathan Gandy as Technical Director
Jamie Gandy as Floor Manager and Cameras and lights.
and Paula Collins who helps in the studio and with research.
Intro song by Shakira Jones

Producer Mauri Gandy
Cameras, & Lighting : Jamie & Jonathan Gandy
Technical Director: Jonathan Gandy
Floor Manager: Jamie Gandy

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