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"Where the Eagles Gather"
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Summer Program - June 2, 2011

J. Craig Gandy, Host

Scripture: Habakkuk 1

First Coast Entertainment

Cuban speaker at Rally Call.net - Saturday June 11th at 5 PM
at Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Church - 6830 Pleasant Valley Road

Kingdom Transformation with Jerame Nelson, Shawn Bolz, and James Maloney at Cathedral of Praise June 9th - 12th

Keep Austin Worshipping - Living Springs Message of Hope on Sunday June 5th at MoJo's Room Cafe & Bar

Join the new movement - In the City For the City- Austin working for the city to experience peace and prosperity.

Bethany Methodist Church - Step Into Africa & World Vision
Need volunteers for their event Sept 11-18th.
is a museum-quality interactive exhibit that invites visitors to "step into Africa" by hearing, seeing and walking through an African village to personally experience the lives of children affected by poverty and AIDS.

June is Bless Jerusalem Month

Special Photographs by Justin DeRosa.com of Levittown, PN.

Prayers and Love go out to the family of Ruby Langley, mother of Pastor Gary Langley of Higher Calling Church. Mrs Langley passed away this morning at 6:32 AM. Video with song "The Hardest Word to Say" by Celine Deon.

JCI World News & JCI Ministries;

Video Clip of Pakistan

Mauri had vision of large brown dragon over Austin.

When Craig came to Austin God told him "This is my City"

So there is no wonder that their is so much evil trying to take over our city.

Many people ask why is there is so much attacks - The truth is always attacked.

Eccl 7 talks about times of great wealth and time of being impoverished.

Pull in close to God's heart and ask to be son's and daughters.

Glenn Beck - Facebook.com/ 824 Restoring Courage

I always have so much adrenaline after our live television programs, and can not sleep. Jonathan and Jamie did such an awesome job again tonight. And Craig always knows what needs to be said. With God in control everything is awesome.

We never know what God is going to have Craig say when we go live. We just go prepared with some songs, video clips, photographs and our usual timeline. Craig will ask God to show him a scripture before we go live.... and when the clock hits 7 PM we start with our video introduction and the cameras go live to Craig and the show begins. We start setting up the main studio at 6 PM. Jonathan and Jamie set up lights, cameras and microphones. They get the table with tablecloth set up and make sure their dad has great lighting. I start to set up the control room. We use a dvc tape for our background, final cut for our intro, timeline with sections of First Coast entertainment, JCI World News, JCI Ministries and the exit with credits. I set up two computers for capturing with final cut and dvd. I get our lap top connected to the studio board with internet so we can show video clips. Jonathan gets behind the control board as our fantastic technical director and Jamie manages the three cameras and is the floor manager for her dad. The program begins and we follow Craig with the Holy Spirit leading his words. It is absolutely amazing and so much fun. Tonight begins our 5th live season and we love working for God together. Thanks to all of our friends for your prayers!!!


A special thanks to Charlotte Jackson and her daughter Nicole who picked us up and took us to Channel Austin for the program and took us home. Charlotte wrote me on facebook Wednesday morning early saying God placed us on her heart to help. Then she said call me. When I called her she asked if we needed a ride to the studio. I had prayed earlier for an answer to how we could get to the studio for our program since our car is still not fixed. I was afraid we would have to cancel. God is so wonderful in answering every need. And He likes to use friends as His angels. What an awesome God we serve!


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"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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