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Where The Eagles Gather.
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"Where the Eagles Gather"


October 23rd
Remembering J. Craig Gandy with a video from our last program of
Summer - October 2013, and a 17 minute video from clips of all 5 years.

October 16th
Remembering J. Craig Gandy with a video from October 2013.

October 9th
host Mauri Gandy interviews Matthew Sullivan on Anti-Bullying event at Capitol Nov 2nd
and Touch of the King rappers sing and talk about their group.

October 2nd
Special guests from Dogtober Fest to be held October 17th at Domain

September 25th
Pre-recorded interview with Bianca Neal on Motherhood Conference to be held Sept 27th

September 18th
host Mauri Gandy interviews Toni McKinley of Crowns of Hope.

September 11th
host Mauri Gandy interviews Courtney Santana of Survive2ThriveFoundation.

September 4th
with host Mauri Gandy and Dr. Phillip Woodall and son Aaron
discuss Austin Pregnancy Resource Center.

August 28th
with host Mauri Gandy - Lauren Silva and Tamara Clopton
discuss the Music Entertainment Memorial for J. Craig Gandy

August 21st
with host Mauri Gandy and guests from Fuel Our Fire

August 14th
Host Mauri Gandy discusses moving forward in new season.
Ends with Military Funeral of J. Craig Gandy.

August 7th
with Mauri Gandy - Education Memorial for J. Craig Gandy
Rerun of J. Craig Gandy and daughter Jamie Gandy on Father's Day 2013

July 24th
Remembering or love for J. Craig Gandy
with Mauri Gandy and daughter Jamie Gandy.

July 17th
Media Memorial for J. Craig Gandy

July 10th
Family Memorial to J. Craig Gandy with
Mauri, Jonathan, Jamie Gandy and Jennifer Burnell.

July 3rd Backup Program (Studio Closed)

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Jonathan, Jamie, Mauri & Craig Gandy


CiCi's Pizza at Capital Plaza

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Isaiah 12:4
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