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Where The Eagles Gather.
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"Where the Eagles Gather"
JCI Global Marketing
Marketing has always been an exciting field because you are at the forefront of knowing the needs and wants of people around the world. And now, we are entering the most exhilarating period in the history of modern day marketing. The convergence of industries has opened a window of opportunity that is more magnificent than any we have ever seen before.

Our desire is to create the most highly efficient method to deliver products, services and information to and from:

         Business to Consumer, Business to Government and Business to Business
         Consumer to Consumer, Consumer to Government and Consumer to Business
         Government to Consumer and Government to Business

And we believe we will. Our desire to create an organization that excels in the offering of service to our individual, business and government customers, has prepared us to create an enterprise that is unprecedented in scope and vision.

As we looked at ways to help our customers, we identified an area that concerned most people. A common thread that ran through individuals, business customers and government customers alike, was the desire to work with people they trust. We all want to work with a company of character and integrity that provides the highest level of customer service. We are the company you can trust to always put you first in providing the very best in products and services.

Innovative technological advancement will change the way we live our lives. Some of the changes will be good, and some will not be good. We will keep our customers aware of both the good and bad of emerging technologies, and you can be sure that the decisions you make are informed decisions based on trustworthy information from someone who cares.

We are all in this together. We all want honest mechanics, good doctors, reputable car dealers, trustworthy bankers, etc. When we find someone who is honest and a person of character, we want to tell our friends about him or her. Our view of marketing is basically friends helping friends to make informed decisions. If we can help one another to make good choices, then everyone wins. We are real people you can trust, and we thank you for your faith and confidence in us. God bless you.

JCI Global Marketing will identify and market products and services in the areas of entertainment, technology, finance, publishing, health, travel, education and others. Some arenas have billion dollar sales opportunities, and we believe we can help select companies achieve results beyond their most desirous sales objectives. JCI Global Marketing is seeking an investment to purchase equipment, obtain marketing contracts, upgrade our Internet website, maintain sufficient cash reserves, and provide adequate working capital to successfully compete in this tremendously lucrative market. With adequate financing through our growing phase, our business will operate as an on-going profitable enterprise.

JCI Global Marketing utilizes strategies that are new, innovative and take into account dynamic changes in industries and markets. We represent multiple products and services into the homes of consumers, the offices of business and into the corridors of government in such an effective manner that we are confident we can make a tremendous difference for the companies we represent. We identify opportunities in select industries where we see a need that can be filled by one of our collaborative partners. We believe we have a sufficient understanding of the market and sufficient knowledge of innovative technology to help our customers and clients in their buying and selling experiences. We know what our customers want. The market is ripe for serving our individual customers as well as a huge military and government market. We feel the opportunities are unlimited, and the time is right for getting involved.

We have a strategy that is going to allow us the opportunity to reach into homes worldwide, as well as help simplify the purchasing process for government agents worldwide. Government purchasing agents are looking for small businesses that can supply their needs while making their jobs easier. Many companies want to be represented to the government and to the consumer marketplace. We believe we can match buyers and sellers in a cost effective manner and generate a reasonable profit for the service we provide. Knowing the market, understanding the procurement process, and having the desire to provide the very best in customer service to everyone we serve, will win contracts. We know we can compete with our level of customer service. And service sells.

Our desire to reach the individual consumer with new technological products and services helped us identify a method to reach into homes worldwide. We believe we can develop an organization that has the potential to reach into the homes of neighborhoods in over ten thousand communities worldwide. The opportunity to deliver products and services worldwide in a cost effective manner has never been better. Existing organizations have shown interest in representing our products and services, so there is a potential for immediate profits.

What we have been looking for has been one product that would propel us into the markets we wanted to approach. Of course there are many products to take to market, but we needed one product that could change the health and wealth of a family forever. We needed a product that everyone could afford to purchase, and a business plan that could make anyone willing to work, wealthy. And that product is the AquaLyte Water Enhancement Sachet. By investing One dollar per day, we can show you how to accomplish vision.

And now we need to build a team, an exceptional team. We are looking for people of passion and purpose, people of character and integrity, people that are the champions of champions that are ready to affect their destiny. We need coaches and team leaders that can reach into homes, businesses and government offices worldwide. And we will train you to do it.

We will teach you to train others through JCI Health and Wealth Services and JCI Believers Sports, Ministries and Leadership Development. The strategies are in place to reach into neighborhoods and communities worldwide. Join us in this day of accomplishment of vision to reach the world, and the joy of accomplishment will fill your days beyond what you have ever dreamed possible. These are the days to dream big and hope big for the fulfillment of vision.

"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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