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Where The Eagles Gather.
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JCI Productions, Inc.

"Where the Eagles Gather"
JCI Productions, Inc.

JCI Productions, Inc. produces television programs that are shown in the Austin, Texas region. These programs are also being streamed online throughout the world.

Join our host J. Craig Gandy for our fifth live television season this summer. Our Live Program, JCI LIVE – Austin, Texas, USA
is shown every Thursday evening at 7:00 pm on Channel 11 in Austin, Texas. Mr. Gandy discusses regional news concerning entertainment, technology, ministry, travel and tourism, and he shares world news and current events that are happening now in government, healthcare, banking, etc., all coupled with the Word of God.

JCI Ministries television programming helps individuals develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and also promotes and informs our audience about what is going on throughout the world concerning Christian events and news. Our programs are streamed live around the world, and we truly believe it is time for Christian businessmen and women of God to take a stand for Jesus Christ.

Now is the time to stand together in unity within the body of Believers, and we will make a tremendous difference around the globe. Let's join together and push forward to claim the inheritance that belongs to the saints of God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our programs have a large Christian audience that is dedicated to watching our programs every week. Through cable television we are reaching many un-churched people as we share the message of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many viewers turn the channel when they see someone preaching at them from a pulpit, however people of all faiths watch our host J. Craig Gandy as he sits behind a table and shares from his heart. Mr. Gandy is honest and real about his relationship with Jesus Christ. He is an excellent host and completely at ease, which makes his guests feel relaxed and inspired to share their faith. Some of our watching audiences have commented that they were “mesmerized" as they listened to Mr. Gandy speak.

You can email, call or write us:
Email: Mauri@jciworldcorp.com    or    jcraig@jciworldcorp.com
JCI Productions, Inc.
P. O. Box 16421
Austin, TX 78761


JCI PRODUCTIONS produces five programs that are shown on Channel Austin

  JCI World News   Reporting Good News Around the World
   JCI-Ministries   Sharing the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
   JCI Live Austin    Our Weekly Live Program
  Rainbow Castle    Shows for Children
   JCI First Coast   Entertainment, Technology, Travel & Tourism

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During our first year of producing we promoted and aired many events in Austin including:

*    The Firefighter's Calendar Competition that raises money for fire victims
*    Burn 24-7 Christian music events, we filmed with 3 cameras on an any-cast system for 24 continuous hours
*    Rally for Life March at the Capitol with speakers including Gov. Rick Perry
*    National Day of Prayer at the Capitol on April 29th, 2010
*    In the City For the City
*    Under the Bridge Homeless Ministries of George & Paula Crisp Angels Healing & Recovery Ministries
*    Mission Possible with Tim Pinson Jr.
*    We interviewed Dottie Laster Director of Million Kids.org, on human trafficking
*    We interviewed Pastor Bob Long and covered the Hosting God Conference
*    We interviewed Lydia Patton, Scott and Paula Stratton and covered the I'm MAD" Marriage Conference
*    We covered information on the candidates during the February election in Austin
*    Our crew helped with cameras and technical productions during two live election debates
*    Our crew worked four days on the 2010 annual EXSE poetry programs at Channel Austin
*    JCI Productions has interviewed and filmed evangelists: Bill Johnson, Randy DeMain, Jeff Jansen, Chris Harvey, Daniel Jones,
    Tosh Sturgess, Sean Feucht, Pastor Bill Hart and Pastor Melvin Smith.

During Christmas we started a Travel and Tourism program that highlighted Christmas events in the central Texas area. We traveled to Burnet to film their "Main Street Bethlehem". We filmed the Lake Marble Falls Lights, the Elgin Tree Farm, Elgin's train museum, the Christmas trees at the Texas State Capitol, the Georgetown Courthouse and the big arrival of Santa in his sleigh at Round Rock. Recently we interviewed Robin Hood and his merry men from Sherwood Forest Faire and we filmed using three cameras at the Renaissance faire grounds. One of our favorite programs was filmed at the Austin Celtic Faire with world champion jouster and black knight Patrick Lambke. It was co-hosted by Jamie Gandy and her dad J. Craig Gandy.

The JCI Productions Crew received professional training from :
Ron Yakerson of Digital Video Creations and the Austin Real Estate Show,
Dave Rutledge of Red Tail Hawk Productions, Orlando Lopez of Infynit Hour and Karla Saldaña of Channel Austin.

A division of JCI World Corp.


"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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