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JCI Productions, Inc.

"Where the Eagles Gather"
JCI Productions, Inc.

JCI Productions, Inc

Investor Overview

The purpose of JCI Productions, Inc. is to grow the entertainment industry in Austin, Texas and throughout the Americas. We believe we can offer entertainment products, services and investment packages to a large international marketplace. We plan to identify groups and companies desiring to increase their market share, and we will help them expand their reach around the globe. We plan on marketing five to ten projects together so that investor’s risk will be limited and there is a greater opportunity for greater profits. We will make profits on investment packages sold, web design fees to entertainment groups, membership fees to groups we market, and profits on interest in projects.

JCI Productions, Inc. will offer opportunities in the lucrative entertainment industry. Our desire is to consolidate the offering of entertainment product throughout the state of Texas and throughout the Americas. We believe we can combine the offering of projects for North America and Latin America. This offering will establish the infrastructure to offer larger projects in the one hundred to five hundred million-dollar ranges that we believe will be tremendously lucrative for all participants.

We need to set up offices and establish contracts to completely change the landscape of the entertainment industry. Our next stage will be to immediately raise one hundred million dollars to invest in the film and music industry. Instead of investing in one film, for example, that has the potential to make a profit or not make a profit, we will look at many film and music projects where most will make money and a few will be blockbusters.

Our plans at this stage involve investing in the film and music industries in Texas. Marketing plans are ready to take entertainment around the world from Austin, Texas. We believe our proximity to Hispanic America will open further doors of opportunity that will be very lucrative for investors.

Future Projects Include:

            $100 Million Joint Venture Project

             $250 Million HDTV Project

             $500 Million Entertainment General Fund

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"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4

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