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    The first thing we looked at as we started gathering information about real estate projects was ensuring the locations had good traffic flow. Location, location, location has always been the primary and most important criteria for real estate development. We have looked at many areas we believe have tremendous potential, and there are many areas of potential under investigation. Areas of profit potential include entertainment projects, REIT’s, RELP’s, New Construction and Resort and Restaurant Projects within Texas, USA as well as throughout the Gulf Coast Region, the Caribbean and throughout the Americas. These projects will make substantial profits for investors, and they will provide employment opportunities in many diverse areas.

    Real Estate projects under review include development projects in and around Austin, Texas, into Mexico and Costa Rico, and the Bahamas. Current projects include:

    • The Wells Branch Project
    • The 290 East Project
    • The Wier Project
    • The Niederwald Project
    • The 51st Street Project
    • The I-10 Project
    • The Laredo Project

    JCI Crossroads Real Estate Investments Corporation is seeking investment capital to purchase property that we feel has good investment opportunity, maintain sufficient cash reserves, and provide adequate working capital to successfully compete in a tremendous market. This sum will be sufficient to finance the transition through the growing phase, so our business will operate as an on going profitable enterprise. Growth in all areas around Austin continues to occur, as Austin, Texas was once again recognized as one of the five cities in the United States experiencing the fastest growth. Opportunities are outstanding throughout Texas, the Gulf coast region and the Americas.

    JCI Crossroads Real Estate Investment Corporation believes we will experience opportunities in investor negotiation, new construction, investment banking and equity sharing. One of the projects includes lodging, and all of the projects include family dining, entertainment and partnerships with Training and Development. We believe that opportunities exist in many areas for providing good food and fun things to do when you go out. Some locations qualify for economic development moneys because of the number of jobs we will generate. One of the projects includes miniature golf and a golf driving range to compliment indoor entertainment, while another of the projects also adds a water park to add to the fun and excitement.

    The projects will all be operated under the JCI Gandy Dancer name as we build an image of good food and fun things to do. A simple menu of steaks, burgers, pizza, hotdogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and BBQ combined with pool, foosball and an arcade for the child in us all will create a fun environment for everyone in the family.

    Each location we want to build for the future is in an area of tremendous potential. Each area has excellent traffic in an area where there is limited competition at this time. We feel the locations we have selected, and others will be tremendously successful, and we look forward to a tremendously lucrative venture.

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