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JCI Halo Technology Corporation markets products and services in the technology arena. And yes, the HDTV explosion! There are two million American jobs hanging in the balance, and a potential $225 Billion (Two Hundred and Twenty Five Billion US Dollars) trade deficit if “We the People” don’t step to the table. There are certain markets within the technological arena that we cannot afford to concede to foreign interests. And that is where we have to stand together as the peoples of the Americas to make a difference. We now are in that day where the decisions we make will effect eternity. If “We the People” stand together in unity, we will win.

New technological advances are occurring faster than at any time in history. The challenge for the companies developing these new technologies is to successfully represent their products into the marketplace. And we believe we can help. We know what our customers want, and as we represent new technology into the homes of consumers, the offices of business and into the corridors of government, we will make a tremendous difference for both small and large companies alike.

We have identified companies in select industries where we believe the greatest opportunities can be realized. We understand the market and have sufficient knowledge of innovative technology to help our customers and clients in their buying and selling experiences. One area used in our financial example is in the area of high definition technology. This is an industry we have researched since 1988, and we believe it is an industry that needs marketing insight as to how to sell to its customers. The market is ripe for selling to individual consumers as well as to a huge military and government market.

Government purchasing agents are looking for small businesses that can supply their needs while making their jobs easier. We know many companies want to be represented to government and to the consumer marketplace, and we can identify the decision-making purchasers of these products and services. We believe we can match buyers and sellers in a cost effective manner and generate a reasonable profit for the service we provide.

Many organizations we have contacted are very interested in approaching the lucrative government market, but they do not have the expertise necessary to wade through the bureaucratic red tape. And that is where we come in. By serving businesses that want to penetrate this market, and serving the needs of the purchasing agents who want to stay abreast of new products that are available to purchase, we believe we can create Win-Win strategies for buyers and sellers.

Available capital to meet with decision makers and follow through with marketing strategies can make this investment an immediate profitable opportunity. Knowing the market, understanding the procurement process, and having the desire to provide the very best in customer service to our government, will win contracts.

Our desire to reach the individual consumer with new technological products and services helped us identify a method to reach into homes worldwide. We know we can develop an organization that has the potential to reach into homes in neighborhoods in ten thousand communities worldwide. The opportunity to deliver products and services worldwide in a cost effective manner has never been better. Water, energy, security and others are all technological areas of interest too. This is an exciting time to be representing well.

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Isaiah 12:4

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